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Loading RCT1 scenarios and data

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If you have the original RollerCoaster Tycoon and its expansions, Corkscrew Follies/Added Attractions and Loopy Landscapes, you can point OpenRCT2 to those files in order to play the original scenarios. This will also load a couple of extra RCT1 sprites that will make certain roller coaster types look that little bit better.

Step 1: Get RCT1's files

Method 1: Install

Install RCT1 with its normal Windows installer. Then install any expansions, they will install to the same folder as the base game.

Method 2: Manual copy

Alternatively, extract the files manually from the RCT1 CDs:

  1. Create a new folder somewhere on your hard drive.
  2. Create three subfolders in it: Data, Scenarios, and Tracks.
  3. Copy the following files to Data (from the LL CD / RCTdeluxe_install folder):
  • CSG1.1 or CSG1.DAT
  • CSG1i.DAT
  • CSS17.DAT
  • MP.DAT
  1. Copy the contents of the Scenarios folder to Scenarios (from both the base CD and LL CD).
  2. Copy the contents of the Tracks folder to Tracks (again, from both the base CD and LL CD).

Step 2: Point OpenRCT2 to the RCT1 files

Once you have the files installed/extracted, point OpenRCT2 to those files either via the options window, or by editing OpenRCT2's configuration by hand.

Method 1: Via options window

Open the options window within OpenRCT2.

Go to the sixth tab (the spanner), and click the box under 'Path to RCT1 installation'.

A folder selection dialog will pop up - navigate to the folder where your RCT1 files are and click 'Open'.

That's it - go back to the menu and you should see the original scenarios ready to play.

Method 2: By editing configuration

Alternatively, you can point OpenRCT2 to RCT1 by editing the OpenRCT2 configuration files. In the OpenRCT2 configuration directory (~/.config/OpenRCT2/ on Linux), open config.ini with a text editor. Find this line:

rct1_path = ""

Add the full path to the RCT1 installation between the quotes. On Windows, directory separators \ must be escaped as \\, therefore the RCT1 installation path might be:

rct1_path = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Hasbro Interactive\\RollerCoaster Tycoon"

On Linux, that path might be (replace yourUserName with your user name):

rct1_path = "/home/yourUserName/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Hasbro Interactive/RollerCoaster Tycoon"

You only need one path to RCT1 here, even when you have RCT1 expansions installed. These expansions sit in the same directory as the base game. Save config.ini, start OpenRCT2, and the menu should offer the RCT1 scenarios.