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      This is a module / plugin to the Real-time framework

This is a template that can be either used for an ORTD-module
or to compile computational functions into an ORTD-plugin
that can be loaded during simulation startup.

The important files are:

  scilab_loader_Prototype.sce: Interfacing function for Scilab 
  TemplateModule_V2_blocks.cpp: The computational functions written in C/C++
  demo/demo.sce: An example on how to use the block

Copy this folder, rename it such that it matches the module name you
like to use and run

$ sh
$ rm

to perform an automatic search an replace process in the source files to adapt
them to the choose module name.

Put your source code- and include files into the folderes "src" and "include" respectively.

Edit the Makefile to enter start for blockids (find a free one from the ORTD-README 
To use this as a module copy or link this folder to the modules/
directory of the framework and recompile the framework

  make clean
  make install
  make scilabhelp . 

To compile a plugin, run

  make plugin

within this folder. The result will be a shared library, which must then be placed into the directory
from where you are going to run you simulation from via
the "ortd"-command. The system searches for
and ortd_plugin[0-9].so and loads all of them.

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