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Here are listed remaining things to do on Cumulus project. If need, you can contact me to

Features to add

  • Audio and Video Recording feature (even if it's already possible by a scripting way)
  • Video on demand complete implementation
  • Broadcasting data to NetGroup on server side
  • AMF0 and AMF3 supports for Vector and XML data type

Security todo

  • Make impossible a Man-in-the-middle attack in checking nearNonce and farNonce values on client side
  • Add SWF server verification feature

Documentation toto

  • explain RTMFP advantage (UDP, reliable, not reliable, etc...)

Technical core todo

  • Could we find a way to cancel a "rendezvous" doing on a death peer?
  • Audio/Video bounds, the flag 0x22 should be a codec marker? (0x27 works too)
  • Add statistics informations for each flowWriter and not only on Listener and Publication
  • Fix a LUA problem performance when it access to a global value