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This is Digitaliser-Google-Refine-extension for publishing repository metadata in ADMS/RDF
You need to have the code of Google Refine 2.5 ( . Then pull the code of this extension into the extensions folder available with Google Refine code. see
Make sure to install the RDF Extension (
Make sure to update the extensions/build.xml file* you need to add build and clean ant tasks to the extension.
The two lines that need to be added are: <ant dir=“rdf-export/” target=“build” /> <ant dir=“rdf-export/” target=“clean” /> the whole file is shown below:
<project name="google-refine-extensions" default="build" basedir=".">
<target name="build">
<echo message="Building extensions" />
<ant dir="sample/" target="build" />
<ant dir="jython/" target="build" />
<ant dir="freebase/" target="build" />
<ant dir="gdata/" target="build" />
<ant dir=“rdf-extension/” target=“build” />
<ant dir=“digitaliser/” target=“build” />
<target name="clean">
<echo message="cleaning extensions" />
<ant dir="sample/" target="clean" />
<ant dir="jython/" target="clean" />
<ant dir="freebase/" target="clean" />
<ant dir="gdata/" target="clean" />
<ant dir=“rdf-extension/” target=“clean” />
<ant dir=“digitaliser/” target=“clean” />