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This document presents how you can contribute to the OpenRefine project. Please also review our Governance model

Documentation, questions or problems

Our issue list is only for reporting specific bugs and requesting specific features. If you just don't know how to do something using OpenRefine, or want to discuss some ideas, please

If you really want to file a bug or request a feature, go to this issue list. Please use the search function first to make sure a similar issue doesn't already exist.

Promote OpenRefine

You don't need to be a coder to contribute to OpenRefine. Did you write a tutorial or article about OpenRefine on your blog or site? Are you organizing a workshop or presentation for OpenRefine in your city? Let us know via our forum or Twitter account (@OpenRefine). We will share the news via our monthly update and via our Twitter handle.

Contributing translations

You can help us translate OpenRefine in as many languages as possible via Weblate.

Contributing documentation

When browsing our documentation, feel free to use the edit button to suggest improvements. For large changes, you might want to prepare your changes locally.

Contributing code

You can contribute code in various ways:

All developers including new distributions and plugin developers are invited to leverage the following OpenRefine project management areas to avoid splitting the community in different communication channels.

How to submit PR's (pull requests), patches, and bug fixes

  • Please avoid adding unrelated changes in the PR. Do a separate PR and rebase once they get merged can work really well.
  • Please avoid doing PRs from the master branch of your fork: use one branch per PR instead.
  • It is important that pull requests are used systematically, even by those who have the rights to merge them.

If you make trivial changes, you can send them directly via a pull request. Please make your changes in a new git branch and send your patch, including appropriate test cases.

We want to keep the quality of the master branch at a very high level, since this is ultimately where the Stable Releases are built from after bugs are fixed. Please take the time to test your changes before sending a pull request.

OpenRefine is volunteer supported. Pull Requests are reviewed and merged by volunteers. All Pull Requests will be answered, however it may take some time to get back to you. Thank you in advance for your patience.

If you don't know where to start and are looking for a bug to fix, please see our issue list.

New functionalities via extensions

OpenRefine supports a plugin architecture to extend its functionality. You can find more information on how to write extension on our wiki. Giuliano Tortoreto wrote a separate documentation detailing how to build an extension for OpenRefine. A LaTeX and PDF version are available.

If you want to list your extension on the download page, please edit this file.

New distributions

OpenRefine is already available in many different distributions (see the download page). New distributions often package OpenRefine for a specific usage or port it. We are fine with new forks (see discussion) but we invite you to engage with the community to share your roadmap and progress.

Github offers a powerful system to work between different repositories and we encourage you to leverage it:

  • You can cross reference issues and pull requests between Github repository using user/repository#number (see more here)
  • If you want to merge a Pull Request that is pending for review to your own repository check the pull request locally (see more here).

Don't forget to contribute to the upstream (main OpenRefine repository) so your changes from your distribution can be reviewed and merged and to keep other developers aware of your progress. If you want to list your distribution on the download page, please edit this file.