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Performance Improvements 2019

Updated Jan 24, 2019

This notes issues that might be affecting performance. We'll try to work on these first throughout 2019. These improvements might also mean giving users another optional local storage engine for improved performance with larger datasets (Apache Spark, Hadoop Hbase-based, etc.)

UI Improvements 2019

Updated Jan 24, 2019

History: When Google Refine (ala Gridworks) was first designed, we were in the midst of the tail end of the browser wars and there were painful differences still. We decided to use Jquery to navigate and care for those differences, which made our developer lives easier.

Today: Many Jquery functions have now been moved to Native browser functional equivalents. React and Vue are frequently used in other projects to provide enhanced frontend UI.

  1. Begin to wireframe new designs.
  2. Work with designers to produce documentation for prototyping Facets, Recon views, Datagrid updates, Dialogs, Helper system, etc.
  3. Begin working on advanced UI enhancements as voted on by most of the community (look through our backlog and assign to Milestone 3.0+

This could be a Google Summer of Code volunteer or hackathon sponsored event somewhere.

Google Sponsored Projects

Updated Jan 24, 2019

Google has sponsored a portion of the projects the OpenRefine Core team would like to work on.

Discussion and documentation of that ongoing Phase 1 work was initially captured here:

Phase 2 work we would like to do is captured here:

Fiscal Hosting & Sponsorship

Updated Apr 13, 2019

Plans for getting a Fiscal Host and Sponsorship

Wikidata integration

Updated Jul 2, 2019

OpenRefine should be the go-to software to import datasets into Wikidata. We need to migrate the existing Freebase functionality to Wikidata (both in the core software and as an extension), and possibly add new features on the way.

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