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This is the final release of OpenRefine 3.1. Please backup your workspace directory before installing and report any problems that you encounter.

New features

  • Importing n-triples, ttl, and JSON-LD files is now possible (#1758)
  • The smartSplit function now supports any string, not just a single character. (#1761)
  • A new menu to search and replace was added (#1742)
  • A field to specify custom column names was added in the CSV/TSV importer
  • It is now possible to import and export a Wikidata schema in JSON (#1776)
  • Strings are now automatically trimmed in Wikidata schemas. The corresponding issues have been removed. (#1781)
  • Browser-based autocomplete has been enabled for Wikidata edit summaries. (#1596)
  • It is now possible to mark a column of identifiers as reconciled without calling the reconciliation service (#1778)
  • The GREL function parseXml was added (#1818)
  • The way text facets handle non-text values was changed. If you rely on this, make sure you add .toString() to the expressions used for text facets in your workflows. (#1662)

See the full list of changes.

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