Changes for 2.0

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Change list for Google Refine 2.0

Major Changes

  • New extension architecture.
  • Generalized reconciliation framework that allows plugging in standard reconciliation services.
  • Support for QA on data loads into Freebase.


  • New commands:
  • Fill Down
  • Blank Down
  • Transpose Cells in Columns into Rows
  • Transpose Cells in Rows into Columns (Issue 82)
  • Move Column to Beginning, Move Column to End, Move Column Left, Move Column Right, Reorder Columns
  • Add Column by Fetching URLs
  • Recon commands:
  • Clear recon data for all matching rows
  • Clear recon data for one cell
  • Clear recon data for similar cells
  • Copy recon judgments across columns
  • Google Refine Expression Language (GREL):
  • JSON support
  • New functions: smartSplit, escape, parseJson, hasField, uniques
  • New controls: forEachIndex, forRange, filter
  • New parameters:
  • preserveAllTokens on split function
  • Regexp groups capturing GEL function
  • Importers
  • New: Json importer
  • CSV and TSV importers: added support for ignoring quotation marks
  • Added support for creating a project by pointing to a data file URL.
  • Text facet's choice count limit is now configurable through preference page
  • Select All and Unselect All buttons in History Extract dialog
  • Schema aligment skeleton: support for multiple cells per cell-as nodes, and for conditional links

Bug Fixes

  • TSV/CSV exporter bug: Gridworks crashed when there were empty cells.
  • Issue 29: Delievered "Collapse whitespace" transformation does not work
  • Issue 69: ControlFunctionRegistry now correctly registers Chomp expression as "chomp" key.
  • Issue 66: Records not excluded with inverted text facet
  • Issue 86: Parse cells after splitting columns
  • Issue 99: Diff for dates fails with "unknown error" always
  • Issue 110: Import of single column text file with Postal Codes shows only 1 row with lots of � chars (?)
  • Issue 113: Export filtered rows as tsv or csv fails; html and excel OK
  • Issue 116: CSV/TSV export data includes blank fields for deleted columns
  • Issue 121: Importing attached file strips backslashes
  • Issue 122: Exporting to Excel on attached project raises server exception
  • Issue 126: Large integers formatted in scientific notation in formulas
  • Issue 135: Hangs when setting cell value to large JSON string
  • Issue 138: Numbers should be right-justified
  • Issue 146: In "Cluster and Edit Column", clicking on entry value to set "Merge?" checkbox does not reflect the final value of operation