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Changes for 3.2

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New features

  • New action to replace smart quotes to their ASCII equivalent (#1676)
  • New phonetic clustering methods are available: Beider-Morse (#926) and Daitch-Mokotoff (#927)
  • The "Uses values as identifiers" operation now accepts cells with RDF uris instead of just identifiers, using the identifierSpace declared by the reconciliation service (#1953)
  • References in the Wikidata schema can be copied across statements and items (#1912)
  • Items suggested by auto-complete can now be clicked with the middle button, which opens their URL in a new tab (#1934)
  • Reconciliation previews are now shown when hovering the candidate (no click is needed). Clicking the candidate opens its page in a new tab. It is possible to disable this feature for matched cells by adding cell-ui.previewMatchedCells=false in the preferences. (#1943)

Bug fixes

  • The new behaviour of list facets, which required to add .toString() to the facet expression, has been temporarily reverted. It will be reintroduced in a non-breaking way in the stable release. (#1957)
  • Incompatibilities with Java 9 have been resolved (#1890)
  • A vulnerability when importing compressed archives has been patched (#1840)
  • An XXE vulnerability with external DTDs was patched (#1907)
  • Reconciliation features are updated when creating new items with the Wikidata extension (#1887)
  • Adding multiple labels in the same language on an item in the Wikidata extension no longer fails (#1917)
  • The date precisions supported in the Wikidata schema have been updated to match those supported by Wikidata (#1944)
  • Reconciliation candidates are sorted by decreasing score even if the reconciliation service does not enforce that (#1913)
  • A data corruption bug introduced by reconciliation services which do not expose identifierSpace and schemaSpace was fixed (#1936)
  • Spaces in the path to OpenRefine's data directory are now allowed (#1623)

For developers

  • OpenRefine now uses Jackson instead of org.json (#1652). Most extensions need to be migrated to Jackson as a consequence, see the migration guide for that.
  • Clustering is now extensible: it is possible to write OpenRefine extensions that define new clustering distances or encoders (#1893). A sample phonetic extension is provided, which implements the new phonetic methods mentioned above.
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