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New features

  • A new menu for joining (concatenating) columns has been added (#2109)
  • Commonly used fields in dialogs now have autofocus (#2130)
  • The Wikidata extension now supports adding dates with custom calendars (#2136)
  • Calling reconciliation services via CORS is now supported (#2260)
  • All columns can be blanked down or filled down at once (#2280)
  • New "Blank values per column" and "Blank records per column" facets were added (#2220)


  • A cross-site scripting vulnerability in the database extension was fixed (#2151)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection was added to POST API endpoints. If you rely on OpenRefine's server API you will need to adapt your calls accordingly, see below (#2164)

Bug fixes

  • The scatterplot facet was fixed (#2117)
  • Clustering no longer returns clusters with single values (#2152)
  • Changing the UI language works again (#2158)
  • A bug in the reconciliation dialog which discarded property identifiers when a custom type was selected after them was fixed (#2166)
  • OpenRefine now sends the selected reconciliation type as part of the suggest API instead of the default Freebase type (#2168)
  • The data extension dialog uses the correct view URL pattern to generate URLs for reconciled entities (#2177)
  • Spell checking in expression editors has been disabled (#1970)
  • Layout of the table header for more verbose languages has been fixed (#2183)
  • OpenRefine incorrectly saved to Wikidata statements with a value over 2,147,483,647 (#2244)
  • Creation of wikidata items pointing to other new wikidata items was fixed (#2206)
  • Wikidata editing is more robust to network failures (#2211)
  • The localization fallback in the UI was fixed (#2209, #1350)
  • Export to Google Sheets was fixed (#2123)
  • Import of private Google Sheets was fixed (#2223)
  • Handling of large quantity values in Wikidata schema was fixed (#2244)
  • Wikidata login is correctly remembered again in the same session (#2228)
  • The localization of the UI was fixed for cases where no language has been set in the preferences (#2227)
  • Support for Google Fusion tables has been removed (#2113)
  • A bug in the expression history was fixed (#2086)
  • An alert related to reconciliation could pop up when working with unrelated features, this has been fixed (#1665)
  • A bug in XLSX export for cells containing URLs was fixed (#2213)
  • The "Sort" button is now translatable. (#2233)
  • The translation of the interface was improved via Weblate

For developers

  • HTTP calls in data extension tests are now mocked (#1904)
  • Tests were reogranized into their correct packages (the same as the class being tested) (#2133)
  • Jackson has been updated to the latest version 2.9.10 (#2181)
  • The embedded Maven, downloaded when no Maven is available on the system, has been updated (#2286)
  • A contributor code of conduct has been adopted (#2102)

CSRF protection changes

To protect users from alteration of their workspace by other websites and other exploits, we have added Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection to API commands which use the POST method. This means that before calling these POST methods, you need to obtain a CSRF token using the dedicated command:

GET command/core/get-csrf-token

This returns a token in a JSON response:

    "token": "WdzF1oUsK3KyIQYaWLJVar35mHndRrO7"

This token must then be added as csrf_token parameter to any POST request which performs a state change in the backend or perform other side-effects:

POST command/core/open-workspace-dir

This applies to the following commands (where the csrf_token can be supplied either as GET or POST parameter):

  • add-column-by-fetching-urls;
  • add-column;
  • apply-operations;
  • annotate-one-row;
  • annotate-rows;
  • blank-down;
  • cancel-processes;
  • cancel-importing-job;
  • create-importing-job;
  • delete-project;
  • denormalize;
  • edit-one-cell;
  • extend-data;
  • fill-down;
  • guess-types-of-columns;
  • join-multi-value-cells;
  • key-value-columnize;
  • log-expression;
  • mass-edit;
  • move-column;
  • open-workspace-dir;
  • preview-expression;
  • preview-extend-data;
  • reconcile;
  • recon-clear-one-cell;
  • recon-clear-similar-cells;
  • recon-copy-across-columns;
  • recon-discard-judgments;
  • recon-judge-one-cell;
  • recon-judge-similar-cells;
  • recon-mark-new-topics;
  • recon-match-best-candidates;
  • recon-match-specific-topic;
  • recon-use-values-as-identifiers;
  • rename-project;
  • remove-column;
  • remove-rows;
  • reorder-columns;
  • reorder-rows;
  • set-preference;
  • set-project-metadata (previously known as set-metaData);
  • set-project-tags;
  • split-column;
  • split-multi-value-cells;
  • text-transform;
  • toggle-starred-expression;
  • transpose-columns-into-rows;
  • transpose-rows-into-columns;
  • undo-redo.

The following commands only accept csrf_token as GET parameter:

  • create-project;
  • importing-controller and subcommands;
  • import-project.

The following commands can still be used with POST but do not require CSRF tokens (although supplying one will not fail), as they do not incur a state change in the backend:

  • compute-clusters;
  • compute-facets;
  • export-project;
  • export-rows;
  • get-all-preferences;
  • get-importing-configuration;
  • get-importing-job-status;
  • get-rows;
  • load-language.

The following commands used to be accessible with both POST and GET, they are now GET-only:

  • get-languages.
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