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How to get the super latest development version.

If you're a user who just wants the latest features even if they have not been released yet, you can get the development "trunk" version. Beware that by its very nature that version can be unstable. Use it at your own risk.


The trunk version supposedly offers certain features that you want. You probably want those features only on some particular existing projects. We recommend that you export those projects (as .tar.gz files) using your current released OpenRefine version, and then re-import them when you run the trunk version. Then work on that new copy using the trunk version. You can always shutdown the trunk version and start up the released version and work with the old project. Or if things go really bad, you can scrap everything and re-import the saved .tar.gz files.

What You Need

To get the trunk version, you first need Git. And since Open Refine is hosted on GitHub, you may also want to download the GitHub GUI client if you prefer to use a graphical interface.

You will also need Apache Ant to build the source code. Unzip, and point your path to it. Or you can try the Windows installer, too.

On Windows, after installing Subversion and Ant, you may need to logoff, then logon for your user environment variables to take effect.

Checking Out the Source

Open a Terminal window. On Windows, this is done by

  • invoking the Start menu
  • picking "Run ..."
  • typing in: command
  • pressing Enter

On MacOSX, use Spotlight to find "Terminal".

In the Terminal window, change directory to wherever you want to put the OpenRefine source code. If you don't know what that means, you don't have to do anything.

Then in the Terminal window, type

  git clone 

You would see a lot of lines scroll past as the source is getting downloaded.

Building the Source

Change into the OpenRefine directory by typing into the Terminal window

  cd OpenRefine

Then build the source code:

  • on Windows, type: refine build
  • on MacOSX or **nix, type: ./refine build


To run, in the Terminal window

  • on Windows, type: refine
  • on MacOSX or **nix, type: ./refine

Shutting Down

To shut down OpenRefine, in the same Terminal window, press the key combination Ctrl-C.

You can shut down OpenRefine at any time. You can even close the Terminal window altogether. To re-start OpenRefine, open a new Terminal window if you already closed the old one, change to the directory where you put OpenRefine, and just following the instruction to run in the previous section.


The trunk version will get updated as we work on it. To get the latest updates, shut down OpenRefine if it's running. Then in a Terminal window, already changed to the OpenRefine directory, type

  git pull

Then follow the instructions to build and then to run.

Note: if you run into issues, the first thing to do is to clean your local copy with this command

  ./refine clean

and then build again.