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OpenRefine Roadmap

This list is from pre-2.2 days and needs to be reprioritized and cleaned up.

Please be aware that none of this is carved in stone and can change any time, so check back regularly.


Feature Areas

  • Internationalization
  • Streamlining traditional features
  • Issue 213: traditional find & replace
  • Issue 68: "merge columns" command.


  • Issue 36: Seamless conversion of arrays into multiple columns
  • Issue 75: Saveable reconciliation mappings
  • Issue 87: Long running processes should serialize intermediate results ? - hard (dfhuynh)


Feature Areas:

  • Views: map, timeline, protovis charts


  • Better machinery to guess and re-encode cell values (useful for fixing encoding issues)


Feature Areas:

  • Collaborative editing support (really hard)
  • RABJ integration (allows to distribute reconciliation loads across multiple people) - not even sure what this means


Feature Areas:

  • Performance - the /project page seems to be slow now
  • Column groups
  • issue 93


  • Issue 85: Graphical manipulation of widths of fixed-width column data
  • Issue 90: Ability to cluster records -- to look for records that look alike and might actually be the same (useful for de-duplication)
  • Issue 91: Option or preference to only show Freebase /common types in dropdowns for type and property suggestions.
  • Issue 94: Map facet?

Feature Requests, Bugs, Comments, Etc.

Please add more to the issues tracker and they will end up here once they are acknowledged and assigned.