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This is a nodejs server for proxying a Google Refine instance in a read-only
manner: Google Refine projects can only be viewed and not edited through this
proxy. This proxy also implements an entry point for using the Google Refine
instance to apply an operation script to a data file, as well as exposes
a web page for uploading both files to that entry point.


Some of these steps might not be necessary if you have already used node.js

Step 1. You'd need at least nodejs 0.4.5. The installing instructions are here

Step 2. You need to install npm (nodejs package manager)
    curl | sh
    export NODE_PATH="/usr/local/lib/node"
according to

Step 3. Install a few modules.
  a. Use npm to install the module "node-static"
       npm install node-static
  b. Download from and then use npm
     to install it, e.g.,
       npm install ~/Downloads/felixge-node-formidable-v0.9.11-2-g5d98e9c.tar.gz

Step 4. Run this proxy
    node proxy.js

By default, Google Refine is proxied at
The transformer UI is at

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