Skeleton for Standalone Python Reconciliation Service for Google Refine
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A skeleton for creating an OpenRefine reconciliation service.

This repository is intended to be a basic template for a Refine reconciliation service.  It is expected that you would modify the included code for your own purposes.

1. Python
2. virtualenv


1. Download the files in this repository to a directory on your computer. 

     $ git clone git:// my_recon_service
     $ cd my_recon_service
2. Create a new virtual environment
     $ virtualenv venv
3. Activate the newly created virtual environment

     $ venv/bin/activate

   or on Windows

     $ venv\scripts\activate

4. Install the dependencies

     $ pip install Flask simplejson fuzzywuzzy
5. Run '' e.g. 

     $ cd my_recon_service
     $ python'.

   This will start a reconciliation service on port 5000 which you can use with Refine by using the URL