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Open Ria Services is a framework for helping with the development of rich internet connected native "n-tier" applications. It is the evolved Open Source version of WCF RIA Services.

The source code and issue list is currently kept at github (

Some of ther features are:

  • Client side entity change tracking similar in concept to Entity Framework
    • Batch save (all or nothing) and undo functionality
  • Excellent support for data binding in with built in support for validation, INotifyPropertyChanged, INotifyCollectionChanged ..
  • Support for client side queries (where, orderby, skip, take ..)
  • Saves you from having to duplicated lots of code on the server and client
    • Code generation which generates code for client (Model and API) based on server code
    • Automatically handles DTO creation and mapping based on attributes or configuration
    • Allows sharing validation and other logic by using partial classes and automatic linking of files

Release Notes / Changelog


Contribution Guidelines can be found at

Nuget packages

Here are the most common nuget packages and their current versions.

Package Stable Prerelease
OpenRiaServices.Client NuGet NuGet
OpenRiaServices.Client.Core NuGet NuGet
OpenRiaServices.Client.CodeGen NuGet NuGet
OpenRiaServices.Hosting.Wcf NuGet NuGet
OpenRiaServices.Server NuGet NuGet
OpenRiaServices.Server.Authentication.AspNetMembership NuGet NuGet
OpenRiaServices.EntityFramework NuGet NuGet
OpenRiaServices.EntityFramework.EF4 NuGet depreciated use EF6 instead
OpenRiaServices.T4 NuGet NuGet
OpenRiaServices.Endpoints NuGet NuGet