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OpenShift deployments

The OKD Orchestrator is the preferred tool for the formation of OpenShift VRE deployments. The standard-openstack directory seen here is kept as a historical reference for the early (pre-orchestrator) deployments. The role of the OKD Orchestrator is to provide a simplified installation process that supports these types of deployments:

  • simple one-server deployment for basic experimentation
  • standard availability allowing moderate scaleability
  • high availability providing a high levels of fault tolerance and scaleability

We anticipate at the very least to support these infrastructures:

  • OpenStack - for flexible use and deployment to in-house clusters
  • Amazon AWS - for robust cloud production deployments
  • Google CE - for robust cloud production deployments
  • Bare Metal - for custom/on-premise infrastructure
  • Scaleway - for low cost cloud deployments

For further details and an installation guide refer to the orchestrator's built-in documentation.

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