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README file for OpenAM

 Copyright (c) 2011-2012 ForgeRock AS Inc. All Rights Reserved

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 Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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Portions Copyrighted 2010-2012 ForgeRock US

%% Contents:

    %% 1. Maven build requirements and structure
        %% 1.1 Build requirements
        %% 2.2 Maven structure

    %% 2. Library dependencies

    %% 3. Building the workspace

%% 1. Maven build requirements and structure

Maven provides a simpler structure, making the development and build process
easier to use and faster to run. New features are easier to isolate for
reviews and migration. It is also a recommended method of implementing best
business practices.

%% 1.1  Build requirements

The OpenAM workspace is based on a standard Maven build and uses Maven as the
build framework.

The sources in this workspace should be compiled using JDK 6.0. In order to allow
this, you must ensure that JDK 6.0 is present in your system path and the
JAVA_HOME environment variable is setup correctly pointing to its location. The
target JDK is set to 1.5, but the recommended compiler is 1.6 or higher.

Please see this URL for the latest instructions on how to compile OpenAM:

%% 1.2  Maven structure

The Maven OpenAM subfolders includes three areas:

     - community                                : extensions of the OpenAM product created within the community
     - openam                                   : the core and supplementary components of OpenAM supported by ForgeRock
     - opensso                                  : policy agents and legacy OpenAM components

Maven builds the files in the following order:

     - OpenAM                                   : contains basic build files, as well as license and legal information
     - OpenAM Shared                            : contains shared information and utilities
     - OpenAM Entitlements                      : contains Entitlement Services to fine-tune access management
     - OpenAM Core Token                        : contains the components for session tokens
     - OpenAM Rest                              : contains all components of the REST interface
     - OpenAM Schemata                          : is the parent folder for all schemas
     - OpenAM Identity Services Schema          : contains the Identity Services schema
     - OpenAM MIB Schema                        : contains MIB schema
     - OpenAM XACML3 Schema                     : contains XACML3 schema
     - Openam Core                              : contains the core components of OpenAM
     - OpenAM Authentication                    : contains authentication modules
     - OpenAM Auth LDAP                         : contains the LDAP authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth AD                           : contains the AD authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth Anonymous                    : contains the anonymous authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth Adaptive                     : contains the adaptive authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth Application                  : contains the authenticaiton application module
     - OpenAM Auth Cert                         : contains the authenticaiton certification module
     - OpenAM Auth Datastore                    : contains the authenticaiton datastore
     - OpenAM Auth HOTP                         : contains the HOTP authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth HttpBasic                    : contains the basic HTTP authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth JDBC                         : contains the JDBC authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth Membership                   : contains the membership authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth MSISDN                       : contains the MSISDN authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth NT                           : contains the NT authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth OATH                         : contains the OATH authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth Radius                       : contains the radius authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth Safeword                     : contains the authenticaiton safeword module
     - OpenAM Auth SecureID                     : contains the SecureID authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM Auth WindowsDesktopSSO            : contains the WindowsDesktopSSO authenticaiton module
     - OpenAM SAML2 Schema                      : contains the SAML2 schema
     - OpenAM WS Federation Schema              : contains the WS Federation schema
     - OpenAM Liberty Schema                    : contains the Liberty schema
     - Openam Federation                        : contains the components of Federation
     - Openam Federation Library                : contains the Federation library
     - OpenAM JAXRPC Schema                     : contains the JACRPC schema
     - OpenAM DTD Schema                        : contains the DTD schema
     - Openam Server HA                         : contains the components for configuring high availability sessions
     - Openam Session HA Locale Constants       : contains the local and international components
     - Openam Server HA Core                    : contains the components for interacting with tomcat
     - Openam FM                                : contains OpenFM and Fedlet components
     - Openam OAuth                             : contains the components for integrating OAuth
     - Openam Tools                             : contains OpenAM tools
     - Openam Install Tools                     : contains files for installing the OpenAM tools
     - Openam Server                            : contains the war file
     - Openam Server Engine                     : contains the experimental Tomcat container
     - Openam Client SDK                        : contains the client SDK
     - Openam Documentation                     : contains the OpenAM documentation
     - Openam Site Helper                       : contains the OpenAM Online Help
     - Openam Site Documentation                : contains the HTML versions of OpenAM documentation
     - Openam Distribution Packaging            : contains the tools for working with OpenAM
     - Openam Distribution ADM Setup            : contains admin tools
     - Openam Distribution Library              : contains the third-party libraries
     - Openam Distribution Fedlet UnConfigured  : contains the unconfigured information for the Fedlet
     - Openam Distribution ssoAdminTools        : contains just the components required for ssoAdminTools
     - Openam Distribution ssoConfiguratorTools : contains just the components required for ssoConfiguratorTools
     - Openam Distribution Kit                  : contains the main OpenAM package

    * The ssoSessionTools has been removed from the build. It will be returned to the build in a later release.

%% 2. Library dependencies

The standard version of Maven automatically resolves the third-party libraries.Third-party
libraries are hosted on the ForgeRock depot repository at

%% 3. Building the workspace

The first Maven build will likely take longer than all subsequent builds to
accommodate the lengthy dependency artifact chain. Following a successful build,
a .war file will reside in the openam-server/target directory.