@frankmorgner frankmorgner released this May 16, 2018 · 253 commits to master since this release

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General Improvements

  • PKCS#15
    • fixed parsing ECC parameters from TokenInfo (#1134)
    • Added PKCS#15 emulator for DIN 66291 profile
    • Cope with empty serial number in TokenInfo
  • Build Environment
    • Treat compiler warnings as errors (use --disable-strict to avoid)
    • MacOS
      • optionally use CTK in package builder
      • fixed detection of OpenPACE package
      • macOS High Sierra: fixed dmg creation
      • fixed DNIe UI compatibility
  • Windows: Use Dedicated md/pkcs11 installation folders instead of installing to System32/SysWOW64
  • fixed (possible) memory leaks for PIV, JPKI, PKCS#11, Minidriver
  • fixed many issues reported via compiler warnings, coverity scan and clang's static analyzer
  • beautify printed ASN.1 data, add support for ASN.1 time types
  • SimpleTLV: Skip correctly two bytes after reading 2b size (#1231)
  • added support for keep_alive commands for cards with multiple applets to be enabled via opensc.conf
  • added support for bash completion for arguments that expect filenames
  • added keyword old for selecting card_drivers via opensc.conf
  • improved documentation manuals for OpenSC tools
  • use leave as default for disconnect_action for PC/SC readers


  • Make OpenSC PKCS#11 Vendor Defined attributes, mechanisms etc unique


  • added CNS ATR (#1153)
  • Add multiple PINs support to minidriver
  • protect MD entry points with CriticalSection


  • Configuration value for not propagating certificates that require user authentication (ignore_private_certificate)


OpenSC Tools

  • cardos-tool
    • List human-readable version for CardOS 5.3
  • pkcs11-tool
    • fixed overwriting digestinfo + hash for RSA-PKCS Signature
    • Enable support for RSA-PSS signatures in pkcs11-tool
    • Add support for RSA-OAEP
    • Fixed #1286
    • Add missing pkcs11-tool options to man page
    • allow mechanism to be specified in hexadecimal
    • fixed default module path on Windows to use opensc-pkcs11.dll
  • pkcs11-spy
    • Add support for RSA-OAEP
    • Add support for RSA-PSS
  • pkcs15init
    • Fix rutokenS FCP parsing (#1259)
  • egk-tool
    • Read data from German Health Care Card (Elektronische Gesundheitskarte, eGK)
  • opensc-asn1
    • Parse ASN.1 from files
  • opensc-tool/opensc-explorer
    • Allow extended APDUs


  • Correctly handle APDUs with more than 256 bytes (#1205)


  • Copy labels from certificate objects to the keys

Common Access Card

  • Fixed infinite reading of certificate
  • Added support for Alt token card


  • support for RAW RSA signature for 2048 bit keys


  • Support for new MinInt agent card


  • Get cardholder name from the first certificate if token label not specified
  • implemented keep alive command (#1256)
  • fixed signature creation with CKA_ALWAYS_AUTHENTICATE (i.e. PKCS#11 C_Login(CKU_CONTEXT_SPECIFIC))


  • fixed card name for CardOS 5
  • added ATR "3b:d2:18:00:81:31:fe:58:c9:02:17"
  • Try forcing max_send_size for PSO:DEC


  • DNIe: card also supports 1920 bits (#1247)


  • Fix GIDS admin authentication

epass 3000

  • Add ECC support
  • Fix #1073
  • Fix #1115
  • Fix buffer underrun in decipher
  • Fix #1306


  • added serial number for 3.4
  • fixed setting key reference for 3.4
  • added support for PIN status queries for 3.4


  • ECDSA/ECDH token support
  • Fix crash when certificate read failed (#1176)
  • Cleanup expired EstEID card ATR-s
  • Fix reading EstEID certificates with T=0 (#1193)


  • Added support for PIN logout and status
  • factory reset is possible if LCS is supported
  • Added support for OpenPGP card V3
  • fixed selecting Applet
  • implemented keep alive command
  • Retrieve OpenPGP applet version from OpenPGP applet on YubiKey token (#1262)

German ID card

  • fixed recognition of newer cards


  • Don't block generic contactless ATR
  • changed default labels of GoID
  • added PIN commands for GoID 1.0


  • Added Support for Starcos 3.4 and 3.5


  • disabled by default, use card_drivers = old; to enable; driver will be removed soon.

BlueZ PKCS#15 applet

  • disabled by default, use card_drivers = old; to enable; driver will be removed soon.