Feitian PKI card

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Feitian PKI card


Feitian offers the PKI card, also called Feitian FTCOS/PK-01C .

The Feitian PKI card is a cryptographic smartcard, which complies wih PKCS#15 and ISO 7816 standards and can be used used for:
authentication, electronic signature, email encryption, single logon, VPN, SSL and disc encryption.

The cards comes blank in PVC, so that it can be printed using retransfer printers or offset.

Technical details

The Feitian PKI card is a recent cryptographic card, with nice and powerful features:

  • Support T=0, T=1 or USB communication.
  • Ability to generate 1024 bits or 2048 bits RSA key pair.
  • Ability to transfer key pairs and X.509 certificates to card.
  • Support ISO 7816 compliant cryptographic operations, authentication and access control.
  • Support ISO 7816 part 12 contacts USB electrical interface.
  • Support cryptographic algorithm of DES, 3DES, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, RSA 1024,RSA 2048.
  • 64KB data space.

The Feitian PKI is a full PKCS#15 smartcard, it is not an emulated device.

Smartcard reader

The Feitian PKI is compatible with any CCID smartcard reader. No special settings needed.

OpenSC support

The driver of FTCOS/PK-01C in OpenSC is called “entersafe”.
Entersafe is supported in OpenSC 0.11.8 and later version.
Please use OpenSC 0.12.0, which contains recent fixes.

Windows support

The Feitian PKI comes with proprietary drivers signed and accepted by Microsoft.

  • Full CSP and CAPI drivers for Windows 2000, 2008, XP, Vista and 7.
  • Compatible with Windows 32/64bit.
  • Full SDK available on the CD.
  • Nice and easy utilities to format and manage certificates.

Cross-system compatibility

For technical reasons, like any other OpenSC card:

  • Cards initialized under GNU/Linux are read-only under Windows CAPI/CSP.
  • Cards initialized under Windows using Feitian tools are read-only under GNU/Linux.
  • Ability to use proprietary drivers in conjunction with OpenSC.

Free software initiative

In order to broaden support, GOOZE offers free Feitian PKI cards to Free Software developers.
This make the Feitian PKI a really popular smartcard in Free Software communities.
To apply for a free card: http://www.gooze.eu/feitian-pki-free-software-developer-card

Choosing free software means that whether you are an individual, a middle range company or a large institution, the Feitian PKI will be actively maintained over the next years.

Writting documentation

GOOZE also had unofficial HOWTOs explaining how to use the Feitian PKI card:
http://www.gooze.eu/tutorials (website permanently closed down)


Available from: Feitian PKI card


Many thanks to EnterSafe division of Feitian, for their technical help in adding support for the FTCOS/PK-01C.


  • Erase and format: 3s
  • RSA 1024 key generation: 10s
  • RSA 2048 key generation: 67s


  • Supports a single PIN code.
  • Card can be erased (with pkcs15-init —erase-card) without any authorization.
  • Card requires the use of a PUK code (initialization fails without a PUK code)
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