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Italian signature card Actalis

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Italian signature card Actalis

Actalis S.p.A. has been bought by Aruba S.p.A. in 2009, but it is still active and operating under the well-established Actalis brand. Nowadays it issues chiefly two kinds (Italian) of smart cards, both manufactured by Athena:

  • CNS-compatible smart cards, running a special CNS version of the operating system. These cards may have Athena’s ASEPKCS dedicated file, but they support the CNS’s own command set. They should be automatically recognized and handled correctly by the ASEPCOS respectively ItalianCNS driver;
  • JavaCard-based IDProtect XL cards. These specific cards have not yet been tested with OpenSC.

In the past, Actalis has branded and issued another kind of signature card. It may bear the customer’s brand and a serial number starting with the letter ‘H’, followed by some digits. They are CardOS cards and OpenSC should support them correctly with the cardos card driver and the actalis PKCS#15 emulation.

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