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Linux Distributions

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Linux Distributions

For GNU/Linux users the best solution is, if the distribution already includes recent packages
of OpenSC. Here is a survey of recent distributions. If you have additional infomation,
please add it. A general and current overview is shown on as well.

Arch Linux OpenSC 0.18.0 included
Debian jessie (old stable) OpenSC 0.14.0 included
Debian stretch (stable) OpenSC 0.16.0 included
Debian sid (development) OpenSC 0.19.0 included
Fedora 26+ OpenSC 0.17.0 included
RHEL/CentOS 7.4 OpenSC 0.16.0 (git revision 777e2a3) included
Gentoo Portage OpenSC 0.9.6 in dev-libs/opensc
Mandrake OpenSC 0.8.1 in contrib
Novell/SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 for x86 OpenSC 0.8.0 included
OpenPKG not included
Rock Linux OpenSC 0.9.4 included
OpenSuse 10.0 Beta 1 OpenSC 0.9.6 included
Suse 9.3 OpenSC 0.9.4 included
Suse 9.2 OpenSC 0.8.1 included
Suse 9.1 OpenSC 0.8.0 included
Ubuntu 16.04 OpenSC 0.15.0 included
Ubuntu 18.04 OpenSC 0.17.0 included
Ubuntu 18.10 OpenSC 0.18.0 included

ATrpms lists some RPM based distributions.

Other operating systems:

NetBSD not included
FreeBSD OpenSC 0.17. included in the ports collection as of October 2017
OpenBSD not included
fink / Mac OS X not included
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