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Portuguese eID

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Portuguese eID

Portugal also has an eID card. More info at

Card Versions

It appears that two versions of the card exist. One is based on the Gemsafe applet and the other on the IAS specification.

Official Middleware

The software download page lists software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Parts of the software are based on OpenSC (custom libopensc provided with the software).

At this time, the official OS X version does not provide a Tokend, so the card is not supported by applications which use the CDSA/CSSM API. Also, no source code is provided.

New, open source version

OpenSC support

Starting with version 0.12.0, OpenSC supports the Portuguese eID card – both Authentication and Digital Signature keys.

Full Mac OS X support is available through OpenSC.Tokend.

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