Serbian EID

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Serbian EID

For the Serbian EID there has been various software components provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs at

Unfortunately (of course) these components are only available for Windows OS.

There are two versions of EID cards. Cards issued after Aug 18 2014 are “new” cards.

“Old” card

The EID is based on ApolloOS 2.43. OpenSC does not suppor this card by default, thus i’ve started to implement a driver for this card.
The patches are available at the for of the official OpenSC repository at my github account:

Currently it supports:

  • reading EF from the card
  • reading the card’s serial number
  • extract ID information (e.g. name, address, issue date etc.) from the card with ‘eidenv’ tool


  • debug and add PIN verification/changin method
  • debug and add PKCS#15 support

Kudos to Goran Rakic who has done the initial debugging of this card. See his python based implementation at

“New” card

The EID is based on Gemalto Sealys MultiApp ID v2.1. This is a Java Card supporting Global Platform 2.1.1.

Card ATR is 3BFF9400008131804380318065B0850201F3120FFF82900079