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macOS Quick Start

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1. Download the DMG

Download the latest release of OpenSC.

2. Install the PKG

Opening the DMG-file loads the OpenSC bundle into Finder. Open the contextual menu of the installation package (e.g. use a two-finger tap on trackpad) and choose Open. Skip the warning about the package's origin and follow the installation guide.

Since we aren't currently signing the installation package, double clicking cannot be used to install OpenSC.

3. Test your installation

Upon successful installation, OpenSC is installed in /Library/OpenSC, the tokend module was registered and links to the OpenSC tools have been created in /usr/local/bin.

The PKCS#11 modules have been installed as /Library/OpenSC/lib/ and /Library/OpenSC/lib/ (copies of the libraries are available in /usr/local/lib).

You may test tokend support of you card with Keychain Access. The app should list your smart card in the Keychains pane on the upper left side. Click the lock to verify the smart card PIN and to allow access to the card's keys.

You may test the PKCS#11 support of your card with

/Library/OpenSC/bin/pkcs11-tool --login --test

4. Customize your configuration

Change the default configuration file /Library/OpenSC/etc/opensc.conf to your needs. The configuration options are explained within this file.

5. Uninstall OpenSC

From the OpenSC bundle double click the OpenSC Uninstaller. Alternatively, run the following from the command line:

sudo opensc-uninstall