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SCE Community Content
* attempts to unify XCCDF community content efforts into one project
* strives to be distribution neutral
* contains XCCDFs and checks inspired by various recommendations
* can be merged into one all-xccdf.xml using the supplied Makefile
* checks are powered by ScriptCheckEngine, and are written in bash or python

The target platform is a GNU/Linux distribution. We try to make it generic
and useful for various distributions out there, if a check doesn't apply
(for example RPM specific check), it should result in NOT_APPLICABLE result.

Some checks could be used for BSDs as well.

Use cases
Distribution quality assurance
 - check for mistakes in distribution configuration

Configuration quality assurance
 - check for mistakes in a specific instance

Not intended for official audits or lockdown enforcement!

If you want to secure a workstation or server and make sure it is compliant
to some official checklist, then this is not the tool for the job!

Even though we have checks for recommendations (e.g. STIG), these are not
official. There is no guarantee that the checks are 100% correct and there is
no guarantee that we have all of them (in the STIG case we don't).