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OpenSIPS CLI - Instance module

This module can be used to list and switch different configuration sets provisioned in the config file.


This module exports the following commands:

  • show - shows the current instance's name
  • list - lists the instances available in the loaded configuration file
  • switch - switches to a new instance


Consider the following configuration file, which sets different prompts for different instances:

prompt_name: instance-1

prompt_name: instance-2

Starting the OpenSIPS CLI without any parameter will start in the default instance, but we can navigate afterwards through each provisioned instance:

$ opensips-cli -f instances.cfg
Welcome to OpenSIPS Command Line Interface!
(opensips-cli): instance list
(opensips-cli): instance switch instance1
(instance-1): instance switch instance2
(instance-2): instance switch default

One can also start OpenSIPS CLI with an instance parameter:

$ opensips-cli -f instances.cfg -i instance1
Welcome to OpenSIPS Command Line Interface!


  • The default instance is always available, even if not provisioned in the configuration file. This is because the default config file is always loaded.
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