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Tutorials and usage examples for FRETBursts software
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FRETBursts Notebooks

What's this?

This repository contains Jupyter Notebook tutorials for the FRETBursts burst analysis software. The same notebooks are included in the FRETBursts source but the version found here contains all the execution outputs (text, tables and figures) and are therefore easier to read.

Run Online

As a demo service, you can run all FRETBursts notebooks on the cloud by clicking below:


This service is kindly provided by BinderHub.


Direct download of all FRETBursts notebooks/tutorials: Download ZIP.

To install FRETBursts see FRETBursts Install instructions.

View Online

You can view the notebooks online on nbviewer. Below you find the direct links to each notebook.


Short examples


FRETBursts notebooks use public smFRET datasets that are automatically downloaded the first time each notebook is executed.

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