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Table of Contents


OpenSRP Client Core App/Module basically provides basic functionality such as networking, security, database access, common widgets, utilities, domain objects, service layer, broadcast receivers and syncing.


It provides:

  1. Domain objects for forms and database.
  2. Mappers between the different domains
  3. Basic and advanced networking capabilities to securely and efficiently connect to an OpenSRP backend
  4. Sync abilities that handle and maintain data consistency between the client and backend
  5. Data creation, edit, retrieval and deletion capabilities on the client device
  6. Security services that maintain global data and application security
  7. Utilities used for file storage, caching, image rendering, logging, session management and number conversions
  8. Access to tailored android views/widgets for OpenSRP

Why OpenSRP?

  1. It provides client access on Android phones which are easily available and acquirable
  2. It can work with minimal or no internet connection
  3. It provides enhanced security
  4. It primarily integrates with OpenMRS
  5. It is tailored to be used by health workers who regularly provide outreach services
  6. It generates custom reports eg. HIA 2
  7. It manages stock levels for stock provided to the health workers
  8. It implements the WHO-recommended z-score for child growth monitoring


If you are looking for more information regarding OpenSRP as a platform checkout the OpenSRP Site

Developer Documentation

This section will provide a brief description on how to build and install the application from the repository source code.


  1. Make sure you have Java 1.7 to 1.8 installed
  2. Make sure you have Android Studio installed or download it from here

Installation Devices

  1. Use a physical Android device to run the app
  2. Use the Android Emulator that comes with the Android Studio installation (Slow & not advisable)
  3. Use Genymotion Android Emulator
    • Go here and register for genymotion account if none. Free accounts have limitations which are not counter-productive
    • Download your OS Version of VirtualBox at here
    • Install VirtualBox
    • Download Genymotion & Install it
    • Sign in to the genymotion app
    • Create a new Genymotion Virtual Device
      • Preferrable & Stable Choice - API 22(Android 5.1.0), Screen size of around 800 X 1280, 1024 MB Memory --> eg. Google Nexus 7, Google Nexus 5

How to install

  1. Import the project into Android Studio by: Import a gradle project option All the plugins required are explicitly stated, therefore it can work with any Android Studio version - Just enable it to download any packages not available offline
  2. Open Genymotion and Run the Virtual Device created previously.
  3. Run the app on Android Studio and chose the Genymotion Emulator as the Deployment Target

Developer Guides

If you want to contribute please refer to these resources:


If you are looking for detailed guides on how to install, configure, contribute and extend OpenSRP visit OpenSRP Wiki


OpenSRP Client core has been used in several modules and applications:

Main Functions

1. Security

Security is provided in the following:

  • Network - It supports SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt CA
  • Data access - Only registered providers are able to view and manipulate records
  • Data encryption - The database on the android client is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption using SQLCipher.

The security classes can be found in org.smartregister.ssl

2. Data management

This app provides data management.

It implements both plain and secure data storage. Classes implementing secure storage extend SQLiteOpenHelper, Repository or BaseRepository.

The rest use the SQLite helpers provided in the Android SDK.

For this reason, there are multiple implementations for storing the same model(s).

Class Represents
EventClientRepository Events
AlertRepository Alerts
ChildRepository Children
ClientRepository Clients/Patients
DetailsRepository Details
EligibleCoupleRepository Eligible couples
EventRepository Events
FormDataRepository Form data
FormsVersionRepository Form version
ImageRepository Image locations
MotherRepository Mothers
ServiceProvidedRepository Provided service to the patient
SettingsRepository App settings eg. connection configurations
TimelineEventRepository Timeline events

The data management classes can be found in org.smartregister.repository

3. Networking

This app provides the following networking capabilities:

Class Represents
OpensrpSSLHelper SSL Connection helper
OpenSRPImageLoader Asynchronous image downloder
HttpAgent Synchronous networking class with username\password (Basic Auth) access support
ConnectivityChangeReceiver Network status detection by a broadcast receiver
GZipEncodingHttpClient GZip encoding and decoding capabilities
Session Session management
UserService User authentication & client-server time synchronization

The networking classes can be found in:

  • org.smartregister.service
  • org.smartregister.util
  • org.smartregister.client
  • org.smartregister.ssl
  • org.smartregister.view.receiver

4. Domain Objects

This app provides the following domain objects:

Class Represents
Address Location address containing map coordinates
BaseDataObject Data object with datestamps, void flag, related void details and server version
BaseEntity Extends BaseDataObject to include the baseEntityId, identifiers, addresses and attributes that are common in OpenSRP models
Client Represents a patient in OpenSRP eg. a child. It contains relevant patient details and extends BaseEntity
ColumnAttribute Represents a column using the type, is-primary-key and is-index properties. It is used in the EventClientRepository class to define and access columns in the appropriate table
Event It represents an event in OpenSRP which are mainly encounters eg. Birth Registration, Death. It extends the BaseDataObject and provides other properties
Obs It represents an observation in an Event above
Query It represents a data query and enables creation of queries using an OOP approach
FormData It represents form fields, their inputs and any sub-forms
FormField It represents a single form question/field with a name, value and source
FormInstance It represents a FormData of a specific definition version
FormSubmission It represents the status of a form before or after submission. It therefore contains other metadata such as client version and server verion.
SubForm It represents a form inside another form
Alert It represents a notification about an encounter which is due or overdue the expected time
ANM It represents a health services provider
Child It represents a child
EligibleCouple It represents an eligible couple
FormDefinitionVersion It represents a form version
Mother It represents a mother
Photo It represents a photo by storing the file path & resource id
ProfileImage It represents the photo of an entity
Report It represents a report
MontlyReport It represents a monthly report
Response It represents an HTTP response with status & payload
ServiceProvided It represents a service that was provided to a patient
TimelineEvent It represents an event within a patient's life eg. birth

The domain object classes can be found in org.smartregister.domain. There are several domains namely: global domain, form and database domain.

5. Sync

This app provides the following sync capabilities:

  • Periodic syncing based on network connection
  • Updating views with updated information

The sync classes can be found in org.smartregister.sync

6. Utitiles

This app provides the following utilties:

Class Provides
BitmapImageCache Improved image caching
Cache Data caching and modifications listener
FileUtilities File storage utility
FloatUtil Float conversion utility
FormSubmissionBuilder Form submission builders
FormUtils Form generation and manipulation utility
IntegerUtil Integer conversion utility
JsonFormUtils JSON form data extractor and injector
OpenSRPImageLoader Asynchronous image downloader with thread-safe image caching
Session Session manager
StringUtil String manipulation utility
TimelineEventComparator Timeline event comparator
Utils Date conversion, android preference manipulator, view generator, metrics humanizer among other basic utility functions.

The utility classes can be found under org.smartregister.util

7. Services

This app provides business logic for operations as follows:

Class Business logic related to
ActionService Actions
AlertService Alerts
AllFormVersionSyncService Form versions
ANMService Health service providers
BeneficiaryService Beneficiaries
ChildService Children
Drishti Form submissions
MotherService Mothers
ServiceProvidedService Services provided

The service classes can be found in org.smartregister.service