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Official OpenSRS PHP Toolkit

The purpose in building out these libraries is to help ease the implementation of the OpenSRS API. Not only does it give a starting point in developing an application to allow for quick integration, but also incorporates new communication markup languages such as JSON and YAML.


Our support team will be able to help with general connectivity issues outlined in: (

If you find a bug in the sample provided with this toolkit, please contact OpenSRS Support with the XML output and response. We will not, however, be able to troubleshoot PHP configuration with your web host nor additional PHP code that you developed. Should you require assistance on those matters, please work with a website developer.


This PHP library currently supports data being passed in JSON and YAML (it is also being extended to pass data in XML and Array format as well).

The OpenSRS PHP Tookit requires:

NOTE: It's best to use the PHP 5.3+ as json_encode and json_decode are standard on that version and above. If an earlier version of PHP 5 is needed, the php-json libraries at will be required.


composer require opensrs/osrs-toolkit-php 


To configure your OpenSRS API settings, copy the sample config file openSRS_config.php.template and modify with your own OpenSRS API settings. Be sure to require your config before using. For more details see the following section on Boostrapping.

For more detailed configuration information refer to (


You can bootstrap the OpenSRS toolkit by sourcing the composer autoloader, as well as your OpenSRS config file. For example if you saved your OpenSRS config file as config/openSRS_config.php, you would bootstrap by running the following:


Using the toolkit


try {
    $request = new Request();
    $response = $request->process('array', $data);

    // dump raw results

} catch (\OpenSRS\Exception $e){
    // handle exception(s)

Refer to the OpenSRS API Documentation Page for available requests & attributes.

Backwards Compatibility

For pre v4.0.0 users, backwards compatibility has been included so you can continue using the toolkit as you were before.

require_once ("your_root_path/opensrs/openSRS_loader.php");

$data = array (
    "func" => "lookupLookupDomain",
    "data" => array (
        "domain" => "",

$osrsHandler = processOpenSRS ("array", $data);



OpenSRS API Documentation Page

OpenSRS/osrs-toolkit-php Wiki

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