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Looking for past minutes?


We are committed to remaining transparent and ensuring that anyone can participate in the process of building our SUTD community. These are the exact same documents that we worked on together.

  1. Origin Story - documenting our journey for future users and builders of this movement
  2. OpenSUTD Culture Document - In a sentence: OpenSUTD is a collective of SUTD students dedicated to fostering the collaborative, transparent, community-driven culture inherent to Open Source projects. OpenSUTD aims to cultivate efforts that rely on, or promote the type of communication present in many open source projects.
  3. OpenSUTD Term 5 release planning - ideas from Jan, 2018.

Events we've been to

Sometimes we get to meet cool people, sometimes we go for events. Feel free to take what we've learnt.

  1. FOSSAsia 2019
  2. TF Deep Learning Meetup May
  3. PyCon Edu Summit
  4. Meeting Roberto from the Software Heritage Foundation