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Unofficial student-curated course notes.
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OpenSUTD Course Notes

📙 Notes by SUTDents, for SUTDents. 📙

One of the best things about our school culture is how willing we are to help each other out. Let's maintain that for future generations by sharing our notes on the subjects we're taking :)



If you've made some notes and you'd like to share them, go ahead and make a Pull Request to add them in! The format is pretty self-explanatory.

If you don't know how to use GitHub, but already have a link to your notes, get in touch with Wei Min and he'll help you out.

If you're worried about the quality of your notes and don't want to share them without someone vetting them, we recommend just sharing them! But if you want someone to look them over, look for Wei Min.

PS: Your notes don't have to be hosted on GitHub. Sharing a Dropbox link or OneDrive link is fine also!

What Not to Post

Please don't post official course materials. This includes the following:

  • Lecture slides
  • Readings
  • Homework question papers

ESD Course Notes

40.302 Advanced Topics in Optimization

40.302 40.302DL

40.305 Advanced Topics in Stochastic Modeling

40.305 40.305DL

HASS Course Notes

02.126 Southeast Asia Under Japan: Motives, Memoirs, and Media

02.126 02.126DL

02.229 Decision Theory and Practice

02.229 02.229DL

ISTD Course Notes

50.003 Elements of Software Construction

50.003 50.003DL

50.003 50.003DL

50.005 Computer System Engineering

50.005 50.005DL

50.005 50.005DL

50.034 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

50.034 50.034DL

Can't find your course here?

Know someone who is great at a subject and is keen to contribute?

Ask him or her to submit a Pull Request here.

Right now we are missing notes from the following pillars:

  • ASD
  • EPD
  • Freshmore
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