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Machine Learning Workshop

Introductory Machine Learning and Deep Learning Workshop

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Running the Notebooks

Do note that you'll get Colab's usual warning about running an untrusted notebook. That is expected behavior for opening a third-party notebook on Colab. Just click past that.

Deep Learning Fundamentals

Notebook Title Link
Linear Regression with SGD Open In Colab
Activation Functions Open In Colab
Normalization & Initialization Open In Colab
BatchNorm & Adaptive Optimizers Open In Colab
XOR Classifier Open In Colab
Hello MNIST Open In Colab
DL as Representation Learning Open In Colab

Computer Vision

Notebook Title Link
Working with Images Open In Colab
Image Classification Open In Colab
Transfer Learning Open In Colab

Natural Language

Notebook Title Link
Loading and Visualising NLP Data Open In Colab
Word Embeddings Open In Colab
Text Classification with CNN Open In Colab
Exploring RNNs Open In Colab
Deep Dive into Self-Attention Open In Colab
Transfer Learning in NLP WIP

Hardware Accelerators

Notebook Title Link
Hello GPU Open In Colab
Neural Machine Translation on TPUs Open In Colab
TF Performance Optimizations WIP

Other Materials


Any relevant contributions are welcome! Feel free to open a pull request.

How To Contribute

You can fork this repository into your own GitHub account, then clone it into your Google Drive folder on your local computer. This way, you'll be able to push commits to your own fork, and submit a Pull Request to this repository.

Simple Requirements

  1. Only use "common" libraries
  2. Design to run on Google Colaboratory
  3. Make an effort to keep code simple and understandable

Core Maintainer

Other Authors