OpenSWR source is now upstreamed to the Mesa repo. For the lastest source, please pull from mesa-master
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Note: All development has moved into the Mesa repo. This source is for reference only.


This is a repository of the integration work combining the high performance, highly scalable core SWR rasterizer with Mesa. A more complete introduction and discussion towards upstreaming to the Mesa project can be found on the mesa-dev mailing list.

Source is now upstreamed to the Mesa repo. For the lastest source, please pull from:

  • git://


  • llvmpipe is the default software renderer. Use GALLIUM_DRIVER=swr to switch to the OpenSWR rasterizer.

  • LLVM 3.6 or newer is required.

  • To build SWR with autoconf, include the following in the config line: --with-gallium-drivers=swr --disable-dri --disable-egl --enable-xlib-glx.

  • SCons build support has been temporarily removed to focus on upstreaming. SCons will be reenabled at a later date.

  • Code for the driver is in src/gallium/drivers/swr

  • Code for the rasterizer is in src/gallium/drivers/swr/rasterizer