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OpenWork Board

A Kanban board backed by a Daml ledger, inspired by Trello and based on react-kanban.

Check out the live website


  • It has most of the features available on Trello, like creating and editing new cards, dragging around cards and so on.
  • Supports GitHub flavored markdown, which enables stuff like headings and checklists on the cards.
  • Works great on touch devices.
  • Public and private boards, with sharing functionality
  • Fully backed by a Daml ledger

Tech stack


You need the following software to be installed to run a local app:

Honcho is a tool for easily running multiple processes as a group, and used here to simplify running the six processes that comprise a local app environment. The Procfile at the root of the project specifies the processes that are run by Honcho. While running, Honcho aggregates the logs of each in a single stream and terminates the entire group if any individual process terminates.

Clone & Install Dependencies

git clone
cd board

Build and Start

make run

Once the app is running, it will present a login window that asks for a party and JWT token. The local build mints two local JWT tokens that can be used to authenticate and prints them to the log stream:

13:46:47 quickstart.1 | [   INFO] 2020-06-16 13:46:47,134 | root    | App ledger ready
13:46:47 quickstart.1 | [   INFO] 2020-06-16 13:46:47,176 | root    | JWT for 'Alice' => 'eyJhbGc...'
13:46:47 quickstart.1 | [   INFO] 2020-06-16 13:46:47,177 | root    | JWT for 'Bob' => 'eyJhbGciO...'

Please be aware of the fact that the local app runs against an in-memory ledger. The contents of this ledger do not persist after the environment is shut down.

Building the model from scratch

If you want to build the model from scratch, run daml build in the following folders under backend: V2, V2Bugfix, V3, Upgrade/V3. The resulting .dar will be in backend/Upgrade/V3/.daml/dist

Run the client

cd client
npm install
npm start