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Module 10: Open Advocacy


Now that you are an expert at applying Open Science at each step of your research lifecycle, here are some basics on becoming a pro-active ambassador for open scholarship in any discipline. This module will teach you how to effectively engage researchers and other stakeholders in scholarly communication with the various aspects of Open Science.

Learning outcomes

  1. The researcher will gain an appreciation of, and be able to identify, the diversity of different communities and stakeholders in scholarly communication, and the potential impact that Open Science can have on them.
  2. The researcher will become an effective leader in Open Science, and use their skills and knowledge to empower others.
  3. By working either alone or with like-minded colleagues, the researcher will either join or establish a local open science advocacy group or meetup, and identify concrete action steps that they can take together.
  4. The research will prepare an open science statement to distribute to administrative staff at their research institute, as well as any other relevant local stakeholders.
  5. Together with like-minded colleagues, the researcher will start the 'open access conversation' with the editorial board of a relevant journal in their field.

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Code of conduct

All modules of the Open Science MOOC are released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.



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