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Module 2: Open Collaboration
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Reading Material_Open Collaboration

Module 2: Open Collaboration


Virtual Research Environments (VRE) are the way of the future in collaboration across continents, time zones and disciplines. While the definition of a VRE may be up for grabs, they provide powerful examples of high-performing modern research tools. In this module you will develop an understanding of collaborative platforms that work today, and how they can greatly enhance your research workflows.

Learning outcomes

  1. The researcher will become familiar with the range of options available to you to aid greater collaborative research.
  2. After deciding what works optimally for their workflow, the researcher will be able to use collaborative tools such as GitHub and the Open Science Framework for increased collaboration for the research process, writing/authoring, and sharing your research outputs.
  3. The researcher will be able to collaborate with colleagues to annotate preprints or other published articles, and share this discussion with the original authors and wider research community.

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