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This document outlined how to contribute to the Joint Roadmap during the May 2018 Mozilla Global Sprint, which is now over and materials generated during the sprint have moved.

Learn more about making ongoing contributions to the Joint Roadmap and please continue any work on or reference to materials generated during the sprint in their new locations: roadmap or ecosystem.


This repo is a contribution to the Mozilla Global Sprint 2018 and focused on brainstorming for the Joint Roadmap for Open Science Tools (JROST).

We aim to improve the open science landscape systemically by bringing together a range of open projects to explore how they can be improved collectively and integrated towards a more interoperable open science ecosystem. Participants include Wikidata, Mozilla, Zotero, Hypothesis, DAT, Jupyter, bioRxiv, ORCID, Crossref, OJS, Meta, OSF, PLOS and others (see full list).

Stonehenge, assembled from a variety of sources over an extended period of time Stonehenge is an example where pieces from different sources had been integrated in a way that harmonized (and still does) with the surrounding landscape. We aim at a similar integration across the open science landscape that is accessible to the public and mindful of the long term, albeit with a more flexible arrangement, and closer to contemporary research workflows.

Painting by Jasper Francis Cropsey (1876), photographed by Daderot (2011), with roadmap logo by Dan Whaley (2018). Public Domain (via Wikimedia Commons).



We will have a Zoom channel and the #opensciroadmap channel on IRC available throughout the sprint. We will also be monitoring the @OpenSciRoadmap handle and the #OpenSciRoadmap hashtag on Twitter, along with related handles and hashtags.

Stand-up Meetings

In addition to ongoing communication, participants will gather for short stand-up meetings three times per day live in the Zoom channel during the sprint on Thu 10 and Fri 11 May 2018. Join us there, or on Twitter or IRC to ask and answer questions, talk through ideas, and report on work:

  • 9-9:30am EDT (UTC -4)
  • 12-12:30pm EDT (UTC -4)
  • 16-16:30am EDT (UTC -4)


We expect the bulk of the activities during the sprint to result in modifications to this GitHub repo and its issue tracker, to the repo and issue tracker for the JROST website and (with pointers from our respective issues) to issue trackers and other fora used by projects that form part of the open science landscape, particularly those that participate in the current Mozsprint or that participated in past ones.


Contributions are welcome from individuals and groups — physically co-located or distributed, formally established or not — and we encourage participants to use the above channels to coordinate if, when and how they are working on particular tasks.

Getting started

We are using labels to tag the issues in this repo:

  • Welcome: A place where we can share a few words about ourselves and our background or expectations regarding the project.
  • Good first issue: these issues provide ways to familiarize yourself with this project, its contributors and the ecosystem around it
  • most of the issues have been tagged with the mozsprint label that we are using for tickets specific to the sprint
  • most of the issues have also been tagged with help wanted because that is how Mozsprint projects are expected to highlight issues where help from project-external contributors is particularly welcome.
    • for issues not tagged this way, help is still welcome, but the tag helps prioritize a bit
  • most issues have some additional labels:
    • Review: for issues focused on reviewing what is already there, so as to avoid accidental re-inventions of the wheel, and facilitate intentional collaboration
    • Curate: when existing information needs to be indexed, updated, highlighted, restructured, converted or otherwise curated
    • Create: when something needs to be created, be it code, documentation, communication, visualization or whatever seems necessary or fruitful
    • question: if anything needs discussion or other forms of input from others
  • some issues might be about other things, e.g.
    • logo: for activities related to design a JROST logo
    • events: for upcoming activites after this sprint


For questions that need attention prior to or during the sprint, please use any of the above channels.

If the sprint activities lead to questions or insights that may be of interest to the broader open science community and beyond this sprint, they should probably go to Ask Open Science, as per issue 6.


The default for participating in Mozsprint activities is 9am-5pm in your time zone. We encourage you to follow that for our project as well, and we will try to be available across multiple time zones to facilitate remote interactions. Our core time zone for the sprint will be US Eastern Daylight Saving Time (UTC-4).


DEPRECATED & Materials Moved: This sprint was to focus on brainstorming for the Joint Roadmap for Open Science Tools.





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