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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Peach xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
xsi:schemaLocation=" /peach/peach.xsd" author="">
Sample DataModel to be used with MyCustomPublisher decribed in
Brad Antoniewicz
This will be encapsulated within UDP and ABC Proto
<DataModel name="CustomProtocol">
<Blob name="CustomProtocolData" value="SomeSuperFancyDataThatCustomProtocolSends"/>
<StateModel name="CustomProtocolOutput" initialState="SendData">
<State name="SendData">
We've only defined a unique output action for our publisher so
this is the only Action type that will actually include
ABC Proto.
This is linked to our OnOutput() function within the Publisher
<Action type="output">
<DataModel ref="CustomProtocol"/>
<Test name="Default">
<StateModel ref="CustomProtocolOutput"/>
This is where we invoke our custom Abc Proto Publisher!
<Publisher class="MyCustomPublisher">
<Param name="Host" value=""/>
<Param name="Port" value="12345"/>
<Param name="StrictLength" value="true"/> <!-- true is default -->