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/* ****************************************************************** **
** OpenSees - Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation **
** Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center **
** **
** **
** (C) Copyright 1999, The Regents of the University of California **
** All Rights Reserved. **
** **
** Commercial use of this program without express permission of the **
** University of California, Berkeley, is strictly prohibited. See **
** file 'COPYRIGHT' in main directory for information on usage and **
** redistribution, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES. **
** **
** Developed by: **
** Frank McKenna ( **
** Gregory L. Fenves ( **
** Filip C. Filippou ( **
** **
** ****************************************************************** */
// $Revision: 1.5 $
// $Date: 2007-11-19 22:34:15 $
// $Source: /usr/local/cvs/OpenSees/SRC/material/section/repres/section/FiberSectionRepr.h,v $
// File: FiberSectionRepr.h
// Written by Remo M. de Souza (November 1998)
// modified by rms (July 1999) - doesn't prespecify number of patches and reinf. layers
// rms (August 1999) - add fibers to section for the analysis
#ifndef FiberSectionRepr_h
#define FiberSectionRepr_h
#include <SectionRepres.h>
class Patch;
class ReinfLayer;
class Fiber;
#define SEC_TAG_FiberSection 1
class FiberSectionRepr: public SectionRepres
// constructor and destructor
FiberSectionRepr(int sectionID);
FiberSectionRepr(int sectionID, int maxNumPatches, int maxNumReinfLayers);
FiberSectionRepr(int sectionID, int numPatches, Patch **patches,
int numReinfLayers, ReinfLayer **reinfLayers);
// edition functions
void setNumPatches (int numPatches);
int setPatches (Patch **patches);
void setNumReinfLayers (int numReinfLayers);
int setReinfLayers (ReinfLayer **reinfLayers);
int addPatch (const Patch & aPatch);
int addReinfLayer (const ReinfLayer & aReinfLayer);
int addFiber(Fiber &theFiber);
int addHFiber(Fiber &theFiber);
// inquiring functions
int getType(void) const;
int getNumPatches (void) const;
int getNumReinfLayers (void) const;
int getNumFibers(void) const;
int getNumHFibers(void) const;
Patch **getPatches (void) const;
ReinfLayer **getReinfLayers (void) const;
Fiber **getFibers(void) const;
Fiber **getHFibers(void) const;
void Print(OPS_Stream &s, int flag =0);
friend OPS_Stream &operator<<(OPS_Stream &s, FiberSectionRepr &fiberSectionRepr);
int sectID;
int maxNPatches; // maximum number of patches that can be stored
int maxNReinfLayers; // maximum number of reinforcing layers that can be stored
Patch **patch; // patch array (change to linked list later!!!!)
ReinfLayer **reinfLayer; // reinforcing bar array (change to linked
// list later!!!!!!!!)
int nPatches; // current number of patches
int nReinfLayers; // current number of reinforcing layers
int numFibers; // number of fibers in the section
Fiber **theFibers; // array of pointers to fibers
// that form the section
int sizeFibers; // size of the fibers array
int numHFibers; // number of fibers in the section
Fiber **theHFibers; // array of pointers to fibers
// that form the section
int sizeHFibers; // size of the fibers array
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