The OpenSeizureDetector Pebble Watch Seizure Detector (That is packaged with the OpenSeizureDetector Android App)
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OpenSeizureDetector - Pebble Version

This seizure detector uses a (Pebble)[] smart watch. The watch has an accelerometer and vibrator motor and a bluetooth radio to talk to another computer. Most importantly, it comes with instructions to write code for it on the manufacturers (web site)[].

So it is an ideal platform for an accelerometer based seizure detector similar to the Arduino based one I made in 2013. For more details see the (OpenSeizuredetector)[] web site.

Principle of Operation

It is based on an accelerometer monitoring movement. It uses a fourier transform to extract the frequency spectrum of the movement, and monitors movements in a given frequency band. The idea is that it will detect the rhythmic movements associated with a seizure, but not normal day to day activities.

If the acceleration within the given frequency band is more than a threshod value, it starts a timer. If the acceleration remains above the threshold for a given period, it issues a warning beep. If it remains above the threshold for a longer specified period, the unit alarms (continuous tone rather than beep).


My code is licenced under the GNU Public Licence - for associated libraries please see Credits below.


The following libraries are used:

Logo based on "Star of life2" by Verdy p - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Other icons crated using

Graham Jones, 01 March 2015. (