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Jena with support for UCUM README

This project adds a UCUM Datatype in Apache Jena, along with different utility SPARQL functions.

A valid UCUM literal consists of the concatenation of:

Any unit that is valid for UCUM is valid for Jena-UCUM!

Examples of valid UCUM literals:

@Prefix cdt: <>. 

"1 [ft_i]"^^cdt:ucum -- foot, International customary units

"1.0 [ft_br]"^^cdt:ucum -- foot, British Imperial lengths 

"10e-1 um"^^cdt:ucum -- micrometer

"-2.47e-4 L/(min.m2)"^^cdt:ucum -- liter per minute and square meter

"0.7 km/s"^^cdt:ucum --> kilometer per second

"10.54 %"^^cdt:ucum --> percents

"37.5 Cel"^^cdt:ucum --> degree Celsius

"2.45e-1 [in_i'Hg]"^^cdt:ucum , or equivalently, "2.45e-1 m[Hg].[in_i]/m"^^cdt:ucum --> inch of mercury column   

"1.5647e6 {rbc} "^^cdt:ucum -- red blood cell count

For the compete specification of UCUM code system:

Available RDF Datatype

Available SPARQL function

Overloading native SPARQL operators in Apache Jena

You can use native SPARQL operators (=, <, etc.) to compare UCUM literals.

Instructions to use with Apache Jena

To use, follow these steps:

First, clone the repository and install project locally (requires Git and Maven)

git clone
cd jena-ucum
mvn install

Then, add the following to your Maven project's pom.xml:

        <!-- the version of jena you are using (mini 3.x) -->




Apache Jena with support for UCUM datatype




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