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An OpenShift-focused Docker build of Sonarqube
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SonarQube on OpenShift

This repo contains all of the resources required to build an OpenShift-specific Docker image of SonarQube.

It is inspired by the upstream SonarQube Docker image:

Docker Hub

The SonarQube image is available on Docker Hub at:

Deploy on OpenShift

You can do use the provided templates with an embedded or postgresql database to deploy SonarQube on OpenShift:

SonarQube with Embedded H2 Database:

oc new-app -f sonarqube-template.yaml --param=SONARQUBE_VERSION=6.7

SonarQube with PostgreSQL Database:

oc new-app -f sonarqube-postgresql-template.yaml --param=SONARQUBE_VERSION=6.7
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