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Open Shop Channel

Imagine the Wii Shop Channel, but with OSS software being used and available for download. "Open your shop." We said. "Stop having it be closed."


  1. Apps Apps Public

    Open Shop Channel Applications Repository

    17 12

  2. RepositoryManager RepositoryManager Public

    Repository Manager Server

    CSS 3 3

  3. WSC-Web WSC-Web Public

    Shop Channel Client

    JavaScript 13 2

  4. WSC-Docs WSC-Docs Public

    Let's document what we know!

    7 2

  5. Shop-Banner-Maker Shop-Banner-Maker Public

    Make the dynamic banner used for the Wii Shop Channel icon.

    Python 11 1

  6. Website Website Public

    The website and online library for the Open Shop Channel, in Flask.

    CSS 18 6


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