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How to view audio waveform in OpenShot

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How to view audio waveform in OpenShot

I use a video editor mainly to improve videos I have made to demonstrate how to use software. My main task is to cut out long pauses while I think how to demonstrate the next element, or false starts where my words don't come out right, and I want to start that sentence again.

For this kind of editing, it is a big help if I can see the audio waveform on the video clips, as Windows Movie Maker displays it. It then becomes easy to decide where to split/cut/slice before the mistake or long silence, and where to do the same after it.

Many free video editors don't provide a way to show the audio waveform, but OpenShot is one that does. It lets you superimpose the audio waveform over the video image in the preview window.

  1. Drag a clip to two adjacent tracks, both starting at the same point.
  2. For the upper one, right-click and select Properties.
  3. Scroll down and right-click Waveform and select Yes
  4. Just above that, change Wave color if you want to
  5. Select the lower track and scroll down in its properties and check that Waveform is set to "No"
  6. Right-click the lower track and select Volume->Entire clip->Level 0%
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