OpenSlides 2.1

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What is new in OpenSlides 2.1?

+++ Press release / Pressemitteilung (German, PDF) +++

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Support for multiple projectors

OpenSlides offers now the feature to display different slides on different projectors. For example you can project the current agenda item on one projector and the list of speakers on a second projector.

Inline editing of motions

Motions can be edited inline (within the motion detail view) now. A separate motion edit dialog is optional and not required for text modifications.

Inline editing

Change recommendations

It is now possible to set a recommendation of a committee for a motion. Recommendations are defined in the motion workflow.


Line numbering

Motion texts can get a line numbering. Each user can choose between 3 modes (none, inline, outside).

Motion text highlighting

One can now quickly jump to a motion text line. The line will be highlighted for some seconds to see the jumping:

Motion blocks

With motion blocks it is possible to assign different motions into one block to follow the recommendations of each motion at once:

New interface to manage group policy

The new groups policy managing systems provides a better overview and better usability:

New design for list views

OpenSlides has changed from a static table list to a more flexible list view layout. New filters are available for the lists to customize the view for your needs:

Filtered participant list

It is now also possible to export only the filtered list.

Project the current list of speakers as overlay or slide

If you are using only one projector you can project the current list of speakers as an overlay to see the content and the current list of speakers at the same time:

Speakers' list overlay

You also can project the current list of speakers as a slide giving assemblies which are using the multi-projector feature the possibility to split the content and the list of speakers up.

Import of agenda items

It is now possible to import agenda items from a CSV file:

New CSV import layout

The CSV files to import agenda, motions or users have now localized header lines. For example a German CVS file for agenda items looks now like this one (German header line):

Titel,Text,Dauer,Kommentar,Interner Eintrag
Begrüßung,Die Vereinsvorsitzende Frau Weise heißt sie herzlich willkommen.,0:15,Kommentar,
Bericht des Vorstands,,0:20,,1

In fact that we add new features the CSV layout has changed in many places. For instance you can now import users giving group names instead of ids:

Title,Given name,Surname,Structure level,Participant number,Groups,Comment,Is active,Is present,Is a committee,Initial password Dr.,Max,Mustermann,Berlin,1234567890,"Delegates, Staff",xyz,1,1,,

German manuals

OpenSlides has now a complete and detailed German documentation. It is available as


OpenSlides 2.1 offers also many other improvements:


  • Added button to remove all speakers from a list of speakers.
  • Added inline editing for comments and duration of agenda items.
  • Added support for manage speakers on the current list of speakers view.
  • List of speakers for hidden items is always visible.


  • Added new field 'origin'.
  • Added button to sort and number all motions in a category.
  • Added configurable fields for comments.
  • Added options to calculate percentages on different 100%-bases.
  • Added majority calculation.
  • Used global configuration variable for preamble.
  • Added DOCX export for motions.


  • Candidates are now sortable.
  • Number of printed ballots can be set in the settings.
  • Added inline edit field for a specific hint on ballot papers.
  • Added options to calculate percentages on different 100%-bases.
  • Removed unused assignment configuration to publish winner election results only.


  • Added the flag 'is committee' to users and new default group 'Committees'.
  • Added new field 'number'.
  • Added QR code in users access PDF.
  • Added more multiselect actions for users to manage flags.
  • Improved password reset view for administrators. Now the users password is set directly.
  • The initial password is now unchangeable. Allow to import initial password.


  • Allowed to project uploaded images (png, jpg, gif) and video files
  • Allowed to hide uploaded files in overview list for non authorized users.


  • Added projector language settings.
  • Added control for resolution of projectors.
  • It is now possible to display and edit projector messages with formatted text:


  • Added personal settings that could be configured in the
  • Add new personal settings to remove all whitespaces from motion identifier.
  • Add new personal settings to allow amendments of amendments.


  • Added support for big assemblies with lots of users.
  • Added button to chatbox to clear all chat messages.
  • Moved pdf generation to client-side using pdfmake.
  • Removed all QuickEdit menus and use inline editing in the lists directly.
  • Switched to Roboto font in all templates.
  • Better dialog handling. Show dialog just in foreground without changing the state URL.
  • New CSV import form layout.
  • Django 1.10 is now supported. Dropped support for Django 1.8 and 1.9.
  • Removed configuration cache to support multiple threads or processes.
  • Fixed bug, that the last change of a configuration value was not send via autoupdate.
  • Security: Validate HTML strings from CKEditor against XSS attacks.
  • Added template hooks for plugins (in item detail view and motion poll form).
  • Used Django Channels instead of Tornado. Refactoring of autoupdate process.
  • Added new caching system with support for Redis.
  • Removed our db-session backend and added possibility to use any Django session backend.
  • Switched back from TinyMCE to CKEditor (with better copy/paste support from MS Word).
  • Use CKEditor also for some settings field.
  • Accelerated startup process (send all data to the client after login).
  • Added Russian translation (Thanks to Andreas Engler).

All issues and pull requests of OpenSlides 2.1:

For more details and technical information about this release please take a look at the CHANGELOG.