OpenSlides 2.2

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What is new in OpenSlides 2.2?

+++ Press release / Pressemitteilung (German, PDF) +++

Table of Contents

Support for custom projector and PDF logos

You can now upload an image file and use it as logo for the projector, or for PDFs like the ballot paper.

New export dialog for motions

The new dialog to export motions allow you to choose between different file type and options.

Personal notes for motions

Users can now enter a personal note at the bottom of the page of a motion via inline editing.

Send emails with login data from OpenSlides

It is now possible to import users with their email. In the OpenSlides settings you can specify how the mail with the login data to the users should look like:

Improved dialog to upload files

With the new dialog files can be uploaded by drag'n drop and the title can be changed before the file is uploaded:

Custom translations

Labels, button names etc. can now be translated to fulfill your needs. The translation is done in the new settings menu Custom translations:


OpenSlides 2.2 offers also many other improvements:


  • Countdowns can now also be shown fullscreen in a new browser tab.


  • The agenda can now also be exported as DOCX.
  • New permission for managing lists of speakers.
  • Speakers can be marked with a black star:

    The star appears in the projector behind the name
  • Agenda items can be marked as internal to hide them in the projected agenda list.
  • New setting to hide internal agenda items when projecting subitems.
  • New setting to enable numbering of agenda items.


  • All filters are available in one menu bar and there is a new filter for amendments:
  • There are now buttons on top of the motion page to jump between motions:

    With them you don't have to jump back to the motion list to get to the next motion.
  • Change recommendations are now also possible for the motion title.
  • Inline editing is now also possible for motion reasons.
  • Support to export motions in a ZIP archive.
  • New change recommendation type other.
  • PDF export for personal note and comments.
  • Own motions can be deleted.
  • New setting how categories are sorted in the PDF/DOCX export.
  • New settings to hide reason, recommendation and meta information box in the projector.
  • Improved the filter for the state of motions.
  • New filter for motion comments.


  • If there are too many elections the list of elections will be split to several pages.


  • The projector resolution can be changed with a slider and the aspect ratio can be specified:
  • The default projector resolution is now to 1220 x 915 px.


  • New feature to change the presence of users. It is available with this button in the participant list:
  • There is a new admin user group.
  • User without permission to see users can now see agenda item speakers, motion submitters and supporters, assignment candidates, mediafile uploader and chat message users if they have the respective permissions.
  • Added support for password validation using Django or custom validators e.g. for minimum password length.
  • Hide password in change password view.


  • Custom CKEditor plugin for browsing media files.
  • Images are always projected in fullscreen.
  • Protect mediafiles for forbidden access.


  • New setting to specify the alignment of the page number PDFs.
  • New setting for standard font size in PDFs.
  • New setting to disable header and footer in the projector.


  • Added pagination on top of lists.
  • Significantly improved performance for PDF generation by upgrading to pdfmake 0.1.30.
  • New notification system.
  • New startup cache for each user to improve performance.
  • Performance improvement for ZIP file creation
  • No reload on logoff. OpenSlides is now a full single page application.
  • Highlight list entries in light blue if a related object is projected (e.g. a list of speakers of a motion).
  • Updated CKEditor to 4.7.
  • Reduced CKEditor toolbar for inline editing.
  • Added dynamic webpage title.
  • Added caching for the index views.

All issues and pull requests of OpenSlides 2.2:

For more details and technical information about this release please take a look at the CHANGELOG.

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