OpenSlides 2.3

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What is new in OpenSlides 2.3?

+++ Press release / Pressemitteilung (German, PDF) +++

Integrated electronic voting

The new OpenSlides Voting Plugin provides electronic voting of motions and elections for OpenSlides. 4 voting modes are available. For details and install instruction see link above.

Amendments with diff representation

New amendments can be created by choosing a paragraph of principal motion. To do this, use this global setting in the motion amendments section:

If you create now a new amendments using the corresponding button, a new dialog pops up where you can select a paragraph of the motion:

Finally the normal dialog to create an amendment will be opened with the selected paragraph as default input for the amendment text. The change proposed by the amendment will be displayed as diff view:

A new list views shows all amendments of a motion:

Sort submitters

For motions with more than one submitter OpenSlides provides a new sort view to bring persons in the right order.

Customize motion workflows and states

Change the predefined state names, recommendations and permissions and create your own workflow.

Visibility of agenda items

Each agenda item can get one of three types of visibility: 'public', 'internal' or 'hidden'. A new visibility filter helps to keep the overview in agenda.



  • New feature to scroll the projector to a specific line. To do this, press the Go button and also enable the projection option:

  • New table of contents with page numbers and categories in PDF.

  • New "modified final version" for creating a print template of the final version.

  • New config options to show logos also on the right side in PDF.

  • New config to show amendments also in motions table.


  • Updated Django to 2.1.
  • Updated pdfMake to 0.1.37.
  • Support for Python 3.7; Python 3.4 is not supported anymore.
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