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timrowledge committed Oct 24, 2001
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+/* Header file for AsynchFile plugin */
+/* module initialization/shutdown */
+int asyncFileInit(void);
+int asyncFileShutdown(void);
+/*** Experimental Asynchronous File I/O ***/
+typedef struct {
+ int sessionID;
+ void *state;
+} AsyncFile;
+int asyncFileClose(AsyncFile *f);
+int asyncFileOpen(AsyncFile *f, int fileNamePtr, int fileNameSize, int writeFlag, int semaIndex);
+int asyncFileRecordSize();
+int asyncFileReadResult(AsyncFile *f, int bufferPtr, int bufferSize);
+int asyncFileReadStart(AsyncFile *f, int fPosition, int count);
+int asyncFileWriteResult(AsyncFile *f);
+int asyncFileWriteStart(AsyncFile *f, int fPosition, int bufferPtr, int bufferSize);
+/*** security traps ***/
+/* following is equivalent ioCanOpenFileOfSize() and should really be handled from there */
+int ioCanOpenAsyncFileOfSizeWritable(char* fileNameIndex, int fileNameSize, int writeFlag);
+#define ioCanOpenAsyncFileOfSizeWritable(index, size, flag) 1
@@ -0,0 +1,187 @@
+/* Header file for 3D accelerator plugin */
+/* Vertex buffer flags */
+#define B3D_VB_HAS_NORMALS 16
+#define B3D_VB_HAS_TEXTURES 32
+#define B3D_VB_TWO_SIDED 64
+#define B3D_VB_LOCAL_VIEWER 128
+typedef struct B3DPrimitiveVertex {
+ float position[3];
+ float normal[3];
+ float texCoord[2];
+ float rasterPos[4];
+ int pixelValue32;
+ int clipFlags;
+ int windowPos[2];
+} B3DPrimitiveVertex;
+typedef struct B3DPrimitiveMaterial {
+ float ambient[4];
+ float diffuse[4];
+ float specular[4];
+ float emission[4];
+ float shininess;
+} B3DPrimitiveMaterial;
+/* Light type flags */
+#define B3D_LIGHT_POSITIONAL 0x0001
+#define B3D_LIGHT_DIRECTIONAL 0x0002
+#define B3D_LIGHT_ATTENUATED 0x0004
+#define B3D_LIGHT_HAS_SPOT 0x0008
+/* Light color flags */
+#define B3D_LIGHT_AMBIENT 0x0100
+#define B3D_LIGHT_DIFFUSE 0x0200
+#define B3D_LIGHT_SPECULAR 0x0400
+typedef struct B3DPrimitiveLight {
+ float ambient[4];
+ float diffuse[4];
+ float specular[4];
+ float position[3];
+ float direction[3];
+ float attenuation[3];
+ int flags;
+ float spotMinCos;
+ float spotMaxCos;
+ float spotDeltaCos;
+ float spotExponent;
+} B3DPrimitiveLight;
+/* Win32 defaults to D3D everyone else to OpenGL */
+#if defined(WIN32) && !defined(WIN32_NO_D3D)
+#define B3DX_D3D
+#define B3DX_GL
+#if defined(B3DX_GL)
+#define b3dxInitialize glInitialize
+#define b3dxShutdown glShutdown
+#define b3dxAllocateTexture glAllocateTexture
+#define b3dxDestroyTexture glDestroyTexture
+#define b3dxActualTextureDepth glActualTextureDepth
+#define b3dxTextureColorMasks glTextureColorMasks
+#define b3dxUploadTexture glUploadTexture
+#define b3dxTextureByteSex glTextureByteSex
+#define b3dxTextureSurfaceHandle glTextureSurfaceHandle
+#define b3dxCompositeTexture glCompositeTexture
+#define b3dxCreateRenderer glCreateRenderer
+#define b3dxDestroyRenderer glDestroyRenderer
+#define b3dxIsOverlayRenderer glIsOverlayRenderer
+#define b3dxGetRendererSurfaceHandle glGetRendererSurfaceHandle
+#define b3dxGetRendererSurfaceWidth glGetRendererSurfaceWidth
+#define b3dxGetRendererSurfaceHeight glGetRendererSurfaceHeight
+#define b3dxGetRendererSurfaceDepth glGetRendererSurfaceDepth
+#define b3dxGetRendererColorMasks glGetRendererColorMasks
+#define b3dxSetBufferRect glSetBufferRect
+#define b3dxSetViewport glSetViewport
+#define b3dxClearDepthBuffer glClearDepthBuffer
+#define b3dxClearViewport glClearViewport
+#define b3dxRenderVertexBuffer glRenderVertexBuffer
+#define b3dxSetTransform glSetTransform
+#define b3dxDisableLights glDisableLights
+#define b3dxLoadLight glLoadLight
+#define b3dxLoadMaterial glLoadMaterial
+#define b3dxFlushRenderer glFlushRenderer
+#define b3dxFinishRenderer glFinishRenderer
+#define b3dxSwapRendererBuffers glSwapRendererBuffers
+#define b3dxGetIntProperty glGetIntProperty
+#define b3dxSetIntProperty glSetIntProperty
+#define b3dxSetVerboseLevel glSetVerboseLevel
+#define b3dxSetFog glSetFog
+#if defined(B3DX_D3D)
+#define b3dxInitialize d3dInitialize
+#define b3dxShutdown d3dShutdown
+#define b3dxAllocateTexture d3dAllocateTexture
+#define b3dxDestroyTexture d3dDestroyTexture
+#define b3dxActualTextureDepth d3dActualTextureDepth
+#define b3dxTextureColorMasks d3dTextureColorMasks
+#define b3dxUploadTexture d3dUploadTexture
+#define b3dxTextureByteSex d3dTextureByteSex
+#define b3dxTextureSurfaceHandle d3dTextureSurfaceHandle
+#define b3dxCompositeTexture d3dCompositeTexture
+#define b3dxCreateRenderer d3dCreateRenderer
+#define b3dxDestroyRenderer d3dDestroyRenderer
+#define b3dxGetRendererSurfaceHandle d3dGetRendererSurfaceHandle
+#define b3dxGetRendererSurfaceWidth d3dGetRendererSurfaceWidth
+#define b3dxGetRendererSurfaceHeight d3dGetRendererSurfaceHeight
+#define b3dxGetRendererSurfaceDepth d3dGetRendererSurfaceDepth
+#define b3dxGetRendererColorMasks d3dGetRendererColorMasks
+#define b3dxIsOverlayRenderer d3dIsOverlayRenderer
+#define b3dxSetBufferRect d3dSetBufferRect
+#define b3dxSetViewport d3dSetViewport
+#define b3dxClearDepthBuffer d3dClearDepthBuffer
+#define b3dxClearViewport d3dClearViewport
+#define b3dxRenderVertexBuffer d3dRenderVertexBuffer
+#define b3dxSetTransform d3dSetTransform
+#define b3dxDisableLights d3dDisableLights
+#define b3dxLoadLight d3dLoadLight
+#define b3dxLoadMaterial d3dLoadMaterial
+#define b3dxFlushRenderer d3dFlushRenderer
+#define b3dxFinishRenderer d3dFinishRenderer
+#define b3dxSwapRendererBuffers d3dSwapRendererBuffers
+#define b3dxGetIntProperty d3dGetIntProperty
+#define b3dxSetIntProperty d3dSetIntProperty
+#define b3dxSetVerboseLevel d3dSetVerboseLevel
+#define b3dxSetFog d3dSetFog
+/* module initialization support */
+int b3dxInitialize(void); /* return true on success, false on error */
+int b3dxShutdown(void); /* return true on success, false on error */
+/* Texture support primitives */
+int b3dxAllocateTexture(int renderer, int w, int h, int d); /* return handle or -1 on error */
+int b3dxDestroyTexture(int renderer, int handle); /* return true on success, false on error */
+int b3dxActualTextureDepth(int renderer, int handle); /* return depth or <0 on error */
+int b3dxTextureColorMasks(int renderer, int handle, int masks[4]); /* return true on success, false on error */
+int b3dxUploadTexture(int renderer, int handle, int w, int h, int d, void* bits); /* return true on success, false on error */
+int b3dxTextureByteSex(int renderer, int handle); /* return > 0 for MSB, = 0 for LSB, < 0 for error */
+int b3dxTextureSurfaceHandle(int renderer, int handle); /* return handle or <0 if error */
+int b3dxCompositeTexture(int renderer, int handle, int x, int y, int w, int h, int translucent); /* return true on success; else false */
+/* Renderer primitives */
+int b3dxCreateRenderer(int allowSoftware, int allowHardware, int x, int y, int w, int h); /* return handle or -1 on error */
+int b3dxDestroyRenderer(int handle); /* return true on success, else false */
+int b3dxIsOverlayRenderer(int handle); /* return true/false */
+int b3dxSetBufferRect(int handle, int x, int y, int w, int h); /* return true on success, false on error */
+int b3dxGetRendererSurfaceHandle(int handle); /* return handle or <0 if error */
+int b3dxGetRendererSurfaceWidth(int handle); /* return width or <0 if error */
+int b3dxGetRendererSurfaceHeight(int handle); /* return height or <0 if error */
+int b3dxGetRendererSurfaceDepth(int handle); /* return depth or <0 if error */
+int b3dxGetRendererColorMasks(int handle, int *masks); /* return true on success, false on error */
+int b3dxSetViewport(int handle, int x, int y, int w, int h); /* return true on success, false on error */
+int b3dxClearDepthBuffer(int handle); /* return true on success, false on error */
+int b3dxClearViewport(int handle, unsigned int rgba, unsigned int pv); /* return true on success, else false */
+int b3dxSetTransform(int handle, float *modelView, float *projection);
+int b3dxDisableLights(int handle);
+int b3dxLoadLight(int handle, int index, B3DPrimitiveLight *light);
+int b3dxLoadMaterial(int handle, B3DPrimitiveMaterial *material);
+int b3dxRenderVertexBuffer(int handle, int primType, int flags, int texHandle, float *vtxArray, int vtxSize, int *idxArray, int idxSize); /* return true on success, false on error */
+int b3dxFlushRenderer(int handle);
+int b3dxFinishRenderer(int handle);
+int b3dxSwapRendererBuffers(int handle);
+int b3dxGetIntProperty(int handle, int prop);
+int b3dxSetIntProperty(int handle, int prop, int value);
+int b3dxSetVerboseLevel(int level);
+int b3dxSetFog(int handle, int fogType, double density, double rangeStart, double rangeEnd, int rgba);
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