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@github-actions github-actions released this 20 Dec 14:15
· 43 commits to Cog since this release

Release Version 2023.12 (for updated Squeak 6.0/5.3 bundles and Cuis 6)

  • Fixes file drop from OS into the image on macOS
  • Fixes pass-through of command-line arguments on macOS
  • Fixes warning about applicationSupportsSecureRestorableState on macOS 12.0+

This is a patch release. Also see the release notes of OSVM Version 2023.

🚧 Compatibility notes

  • Pre-built Linux binaries require GLIBC_2.29, which means Ubuntu 20.04 or later
    • For older systems, please build on your own
    • We will happily help out; just ask on the vm-dev mailing list
  • On macOS, a restart of the VM is required after installing SqueakFFI for the first time
    • Otherwise, modules and function addresses cannot be loaded

⚠️ Known issues

  • On Ubuntu 22.04 within VirtualBox 7.0, screen contents stop refreshing after some keyboard input until mouse cursor is moved again
  • On Ubuntu/Linux, many SqueakSSL tests fail on Squeak 6.0+ ... might be an image-related issue w/ old certificates
  • Occasional crashes (or lock-ups) on RaspPi4 and RaspPi5; we are investigating
    • The platform subtype can be 'aarch64', which means that (at least in Squeak) the detection of #isLowerPerformance fails and thus lots of tests are timing out. See TestCase >> #defaultTimeout