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TSDZ2 different versions

Voltage, power, throttle

For the TSDZ2 motor versions found on online shops (36V, 48V, 52V, whichever power in watts, with throttle or without) the motor controller electronic board is just the same. The only relevant difference is the brushless motor inside because there are only 2 different versions: - TSDZ2 36V version: 36V brushless motor - TSDZ2 48V and 52V version: 48V brushless motor

Other difference is the throttle or no throttle version, because with no throttle version there are no throttle wires available to connect it (also, if you plan to install the motor temperature sensor, a throttle version will make your life easier during on the installation).

All motor versions are ready for you to use the brake sensors, you can always buy ebike standard brake sensors and wiring them by yourself.

With our flexible OpenSource firmware, you will able to make any TSDZ2 motor version working with any battery voltage from 24V up to 52V (7S up to 14S battery cells in series). Yes, the motor works well with 24V and there is a report of an user doing that because he wanted to use a very small battery pack. Please note that the brushless motor inside will work at the rated RPM and hence at the regular pedal cadence, if the battery voltage is near the motor voltage, for instance, choose a 36V battery for a 36V brushless motor and a 48V or 52V battery for the 48V brushless motor.

Also, our flexible OpenSource firmware does no limit the motor power and you will be able to run the motor at his max power of 18 amps * battery voltage, for instance, on a 52V battery you will get 936 Watts (18*52 = 936).


There are at least 2 TSDZ2 different (mechanical) versions. The most recent version seems the one that has a helical main gear that makes the motor to be more silent compared to the one that uses a spur gear. Some pictures:

The main gear at top is helical and the one at bottom is a spur gear:

Helical gear on the motor at right side:

The main gear on the left side is helical (with broken bearing). The bearing has the reference CSK30P, that can be found online as a "CSK30P bearing sprag clutch":

Install TSDZ2 on full suspension bicycles

See here how to install: How to install TSDZ2 on a full suspension bicycle


Should I install the brake sensors?

A: Brake sensors ensure the motor will not work while you are stopped, avoiding stress on the system and the nylon gear, and wasted power. However, the default configuration under Motor Controller Setup, to avoid power without pedal rotation, should also protect you from this and some users have no issues running the system without brake sensors.

Can I use a brake sensor for hydraulic brakes or the "hidden wire brakes sensor"?

A: Yes, see here how to install: How to install brake sensors.

Can I use "hidden wire brakes sensor" on TSDZ2 no throttle version?

A: Yes, see here how to install: How to install brake sensors.

Nylon gear and metal gear

Nylon gear at left and metal gear at right:

When you buy a TSDZ2 motor, it will come with the nylon gear. The metal gear is available as optional part on the online shops, you can buy it but you will need to install by yourself.

Should I install the metal gear?

The nylon gear is more weak than the metal gear and many users report that it fails (but this depends on different factors). You can for instance, buy a metal gear and keep it as a spare part that you can use if nylon gear fails.

The metal gear makes the motor a bit more noisy compared to the nylon gear.

Our OpenSource firmware has a specific feature that is the current ramp and can be configured to a conservative value to help reduce the force on the Nylon gear and so protect it. Also, installing the brake sensors will help protect the nylon gear.

See here how to install the TSDZ2 gear:


The sprag clutch is a one way bearing in the tsdz2 ebike torque sensing motor that transfers your pedal torque to the main gear which is attached to the chain ring. After some time, this gear may began slipping/failing. Here is a video from jbalat showing how it happens when sprag clutch is failing:

How to repair clutch

1. Buy a new main gear (includes the sprag clutch bearing)
You can buy a new main gear, that includes the sprag clutch bearing, on PSWPower(about 30 euros) or in any other shop.

2. Install the new main gear
See this video from jbalat showing how to remove and install the main gear:

Flexible OpenSource firmware

Why stock LCDs VLCD5 and XH18 do not work

When I received my TSDZ2 it come with VLCD5. This LCD is very limited, for instance it can't show basic information like battery voltage. Because our Flexible OpenSource firmware has advanced features it was found desirable to have a LCD that we can develop firmware for and that way we get the flexibility we need. On May 2018, a research was done and was selected LCD KT-LCD3 because:

  • is signal compatible with the TSDZ2 motor controller
  • is programmable with the same tools as the TSDZ2 motor controller firmware (we found that stock VLCD5 from TSDZ2 can't be programmed!)
  • is cheap and popular, easy to buy from many online shops that ship to worldwide
  • we already developed our own Flexible OpenSource firmware for KT motor controllers and we wanted to reuse our knowledge to our other projects

Are there plans to make the firmware compatible with stock LCDs VLCD5 and XH18

Would be possible but that way the advanced features would not be available and this firmware would have small advantages over the original firmware. We are not trying to save money, users that want the advanced features of our firmware will need to spend some money and time.

See here this alternative:

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